7 Adorable Good Morning Texts We'd All Love to Wake up to ...


7 Adorable Good Morning Texts We'd All Love to Wake up to ...
7 Adorable Good Morning Texts We'd All Love to Wake up to ...

Good morning texts are the sweetest type of messages, because they let you know that you're the first thing your man thinks of when he wakes up. It doesn't really matter what the text says, because it's the thought that counts. However, nobody will mind if the message is something extra special. Here are some of the best things you could ever wake up to read:

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Good Luck

If your partner wishes you luck on a presentation or job interview before you even wake up to remind him about it, it lets you know that he pays attention. He knows exactly where you're going to be today and what you're stressing over. It's his way of calming you down and letting you know how much he cares about you and your success.


I Love You

Any type of "I love you" message will make you smile. Maybe your mate will just send you an emoticon of a heart or maybe he'll send a huge poem declaring his love for you. Either way, it's always nice to know you're loved.


A Memory

If you hung out the night before, he might text you about how amazing yesterday was and how he hates that you're gone. It's always nice to relive a sweet memory as soon as you wake up. It's better than anything that you could've dreamed during the night.


Reflecting on shared memories isn't just a way to start the day positively; it's also a sweet nod to the bond you share. Whether it’s a joke that had you both in stitches or a moment when you held hands under the starlight, these texts become a sentimental keepsake, wrapped up in the warmth of nostalgia. It not only reaffirms the joy of your time together but is a gentle reminder that those moments are cherished and treasured long after they've passed.


A Favor

Maybe he'll tell you that he dropped a bagel off at your doorstep. If you live together, maybe he'll tell you that he took the kids out to the park so that you can sleep in. Whatever favor he did for you, it'll make you realize just how lucky you are to have him in your life. Not every boyfriend is that sweet.


I Miss You

It's always nice to hear that you're missed, but it sounds even better when you're still in bed. That way, you can imagine him next to you, holding your hand and cuddling you while you drift back to sleep. Plus, the fact that he misses you in the morning, before his day even really started, shows how much you're on his mind.


A Picture

Maybe he'll text you a picture of himself or of his puppy each morning. Maybe he'll text you a picture of the sunset that he's looking at. No matter what it is, it's nice, because it lets you see a glimpse of the world through his eyes. What better way is there to start your morning?


Anything at All

It doesn't matter if he texts you asking if you slept well or even if he simply says "hello" without any further comment. No matter how boring the conversation starter is, it still proves that you were the first thing on his mind when he woke up and probably the last thing on his mind before he went to sleep. It's a small way to show that he cares.

It's hard to roll out of bed when you have a boring day ahead of you. That's why good morning texts are so important. Not only do they show that your mate cares about you, but they give you the burst of energy and happiness that you need to go about your day. What's the cutest good morning text that you've ever gotten?

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i love when my boyfriend texts me, "Goodmorning babe *with heart emoji". I will never get tired of that. :)

I get "Good morning beautiful"

Every day I get 'morning gorgeous'. Six years down the line it still makes me smile every time!

I get "morning sexy"

Good morning :) how did u sleep

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