45 Kisses in the Rain to Still Your Beating Heart ...

By Neecey

Is there anything more romantic than kissing in the rain?
It doesn't matter that raindrops are streaming down your face, spoiling your makeup because you're in the arms of the one you love and your lips are doing a passionate tango. Let's take a look at some couples who locked lips in a downpour.

Table of contents:

  1. who forgot the umbrella?
  2. we'll laugh about this tomorrow
  3. i'm so glad we wore our gum boots
  4. light my fire
  5. a puddle of love
  6. rain needn't dampen your wedding day
  7. is there anything more romantic than kissing in the rain under an umbrella?
  8. pose
  9. you raise me up so i can stand on mountains
  10. i have to ask - why do people go out in the rain fully clothed but without shoes?
  11. a joyous homecoming
  12. smokin' hot
  13. light casts a shadow
  14. what can we do but sit and kiss until the rain stops
  15. christmas kiss
  16. forever there'll be a heaven in your kiss
  17. safe under an umbrella ... ella... ella... ella
  18. passion doesn't fade in the rain
  19. perfect photo op
  20. share and share alike
  21. what's the point in wasting a perfectly good brick wall when you have someone to throw against it?
  22. no seatbelts
  23. ignore the rain and kiss me
  24. just one more kiss before you go in
  25. sizzlin' hot
  26. best dressed kiss
  27. "you belong to me, and i belong to you!"
  28. hold me. kiss me
  29. it may be raining outside but in my heart it's spring
  30. footloose and fancy free
  31. she ain't heavy. she's my lover
  32. tell me the rain will stop soon
  33. is it still raining? i hadn't noticed
  34. the best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips
  35. a crushing goodbye kiss in the rain
  36. so much rain. too few kisses
  37. star light. star bright
  38. forget about that money spent on hair and clothes. if your man wants you in the rain life is perfect
  39. loving you in the rain but i don't feel it's raining
  40. it doesn't look like stopping soon so let's make the most of it
  41. a whole lotta' feeling
  42. meeting or parting?
  43. yes! i want a kiss in the rain!
  44. on reflection

1 Who Forgot the Umbrella?

Via The End of Summer Part ...

2 We'll Laugh about This Tomorrow

Via togetherness

3 I'm so Glad We Wore Our Gum Boots

Via Dreamy Rainy Engagement Photos: Sarah ...

4 Light My Fire

Via Why Kissing is good for ...

5 A Puddle of Love

Via Kids' Rooms That Aren't Too ...

6 Rain Needn't Dampen Your Wedding Day

Via Cool winter wedding photo idea. ...

7 Is There Anything More Romantic than Kissing in the Rain under an Umbrella?

8 Pose

Via Adagion Studio

9 You Raise Me up so I Can Stand on Mountains

Via Le Magnifique Blog: Rainy Day ...

10 I Have to Ask - Why do People Go out in the Rain Fully Clothed but without Shoes?

Via My Fotolog

11 A Joyous Homecoming

Via fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net

12 Smokin' Hot

Via Log in | Tumblr

13 Light Casts a Shadow

Via Norristown PA Rustic Wedding: Colleen ...

14 What Can We do but Sit and Kiss until the Rain Stops

Via Cristina Sagnier

15 Christmas Kiss

Via Wishes, Wants, and Dreams ...

16 Forever There'll Be a Heaven in Your Kiss

Via Movie-Inspired Engagement Shoots

17 Safe under an Umbrella ... Ella... Ella... Ella

Via Rainy Night

18 Passion Doesn't Fade in the Rain

Via Live Creating Yourself.

19 Perfect Photo Op

Via love is kissing in the ...

20 Share and Share Alike

Via Happy New Year | MELISSA ...

21 What's the Point in Wasting a Perfectly Good Brick Wall when You Have Someone to Throw against It?

Via City of Bones

22 No Seatbelts

Via sodahead.com

23 Ignore the Rain and Kiss Me

Via Appendix not useless after all: ...

24 Just One More Kiss before You Go in

Via Phoenix Legend

25 Sizzlin' Hot

Via Always KiSs me Good Night!

26 Best Dressed Kiss

Via Haute ♛ Pussycat Lounge

27 "You Belong to Me, and I Belong to You!"

Via The Swinging Sixties

28 Hold Me. Kiss Me

Via chuva

29 It May Be Raining outside but in My Heart It's Spring

Via Passionate kiss in the rain...... ...

30 Footloose and Fancy Free

Via Alixann Loosle Photography: Jenna + ...

31 She Ain't Heavy. She's My Lover

32 Tell Me the Rain Will Stop Soon

Via Speechless

33 Is It Still Raining? I Hadn't Noticed

Via Fashion and Dreams: Daily Inspiration: ...

34 The Best Kiss is the One That Has Been Exchanged a Thousand Times between the Eyes before It Reaches the Lips

Via Qualcosa di cui parlare

36 A Crushing Goodbye Kiss in the Rain

Via Girly Me

37 So Much Rain. Too Few Kisses

Via pinterest.com

38 Star Light. Star Bright

Via Silken Rain (poem)

39 Forget about That Money Spent on Hair and Clothes. if Your Man Wants You in the Rain Life is Perfect


40 Loving You in the Rain but I Don't Feel It's Raining

Via melindan.tumblr.com

41 It Doesn't Look like Stopping Soon so Let's Make the Most of It

Via lovelylovesayings.com

42 A Whole Lotta' Feeling

Via peaceful eyes

43 Meeting or Parting?

Via The French Vintagologist

44 Yes! I Want a Kiss in the Rain!

Via Keep calm hold on: Under ...

45 On Reflection

Via couple kissing in the rain ...

Are you now hoping for it to rain so you can drag your hunny out for a soggy but delicious clinch? Have you ever been kissed in the rain?

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