7 Adorable Types of Hugs a Man Can Give ...


7 Adorable Types of Hugs a Man Can Give ...
7 Adorable Types of Hugs a Man Can Give ...

There are several types of hugs that we all love to receive. They’re simple gestures that are not too intimate, but not too casual. It’s a great way to get close without being inappropriate. Here are the cutest types of hugs that men give:

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The Catcher

When you jump into his arms, he catches you around the waist. You can wrap your legs around him as he holds you tight against him. This hug is only performed by the most excited couples, because it shows how much they’ve missed one another. Maybe it’s been a year, or maybe it’s been a few days, but they can’t wait to put their hands on one another. These types of hugs are rare, which is why it’s so darn cute when they occur.


This embrace is a tangible display of passion and excitement. It's the one that seems to momentarily stop time and elicit envious glances from passorsby. It's not just for airport reunions; sometimes, after a grinding day, the relief of seeing your significant other can prompt such an impulsive gesture, a lifting hug that symbolizes both support and unbridled joy. Whether it's in the privacy of your home or in the midst of a bustling city square, this hug speaks a universal language of deep connection and affection that knows no bounds.


The Spinner

You run into his arms and he spins you around before placing you back on the ground. It’s a playful move that will get you both laughing. If the giggling isn’t good enough, you also get to feel his strong arms wrapped around you. Could it get any better? Only if he’s wearing a delicious cologne that you can breathe in.

Frequently asked questions

Wrapping your legs around his waist during a hug is super intimate and playful. It shows a mix of fun, closeness, and passion. It's like saying you're really comfortable and enthusiastic about each other.

A tight hug that lasts long can mean so many lovely things! Generally, it shows he has strong feelings for you and wants to make you feel secure. It's one of those wonderful, protective hugs.

When your boyfriend picks you up during a hug, it can mean he’s feeling a rush of affection and just wants to be as close to you as possible. It's cute and shows he’s totally into you!

Oh, it’s so sweet! When a guy lifts you up while hugging, it usually means he’s super excited to see you or feels deeply connected to you. It’s like a joyful, uplifting gesture that says he really cares.

Lifting and spinning you around is like a scene from a rom-com, right? It usually means he is extremely happy and delighted to see you. It’s a very romantic and playful way to show affection.


The Squeezer

When he hugs you, he squeezes you tightly. It shows that he cares about you more than you know. He doesn’t want to release his hold on you, because he loves being around you. When you receive one of these hugs, be sure to appreciate it. It means a lot.


He isn't just holding you; he's enveloping you in his warmth. This kind of embrace often comes when he's missed you profoundly or hasn't seen you in a while. It's his way of saying, without words, that you're his sanctuary. The squeezer is a man who fills his squeeze with emotion — you might find yourself engulfed in this hug during a romantic moment or when you've both had a long, challenging day. He'll make you feel safe and cherished, like you're the only two people in the world.


The Little Lift

In the middle of your hug, he’ll temporarily lift you up off of the ground. It’s a fun move that’s guaranteed to make you smile. Not only does it show that he cares, but it shows his strength. Men love to show their muscles. This is a great way for them to do so.


The Little Lift is like a spontaneous moment of pure joy, whisked right off your feet! It’s his playful way of saying he’s got you, quite literally! And in that brief aerial moment, you might just feel a rush of excitement—it’s like a scene from your favorite romcom. Just remember to wrap your arms around him and enjoy the temporary escape from gravity's grasp. It's his personal touch that makes this lift more than just a hug—it's a moment to cherish.


The Long One

Hugs can last for extended periods of time. If you’re leaving on a long journey, he won’t want to let you go. He’ll want to hold onto you for as long as he possibly can. If you don’t feel the same way, these hugs can be uncomfortable. If you return his feelings, then you won’t be able to walk away either. You'll want the embrace to last a lifetime.


These lingering hugs are emotionally charged, filled with sentiment and longing. They become a silent conversation where no words are needed. His arms around you become a safe haven, a comfort zone that smells like home. In these moments, as you both cling to one another, it's as if the world outside melts away, leaving just the two of you suspended in time. So when he finally does let go, you carry the warmth of his affection with you, a gentle reminder of the bond you share.


The Looker

In the middle of the hug, he’ll pull away to look at you. This doesn’t mean that the hug is over. He just wants to catch a glimpse of your face. This shows that even when his arms are wrapped around you, he can’t get enough of you. He wants to look into your eyes to see if you’re as happy as he is. This hug is only preformed by men who are completely captivated by you.


The Head Rest

If he’s taller than you, he can rest his head on top of yours. Even better, you can rest your head on his chest. The way you fit together so perfectly makes the moment all the more romantic. His comforting embrace will make you feel relaxed. He’s there for you, so you don’t have a worry in the world.

Hugs are the simplest way to show that you care. They’re easy to give, but they say a lot. What is your favorite type of hug to receive?

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theirs this guy in my school today at school. we were in the hall and their was just a crowded group of ppl and he wrapped his arms around me and he keeps saying im his bae and that im cute i honestly dont know what to do advice please someone.

I love Holly Ryordan!! She knows a lot about men!! trust me people;) she can help you!!

Catcher ❤️

This guy ive been seeing for 3 months now. Im separated and he is as well but we discussed fwb for now. On our third date he lifted me up off the ground. None of my ex done that. He's taller than me. Did he lifted me up to show he can his strong or what. Need answers please

you have forgotten 2 more types of hugs. the hug behind the waist and the buried hug (the kind of hug that the guy will bury you in his arms. You will feell very protected <3)

They forgot the butt grabbing hug hahaha

I'm sry but there's this guy. I used to like him and he used to like me, he asked me out but I said no. Then later I regretted it. We played truthordare and i kissed him. i think he thought it was real though. Then he asked me out again. But again, I declined. And regretted it again. Sometimes I want it and sometimes I don't. My friends says I still like him but I don't know I think he might like me but may be not. I'm so confused, pls help!!!

My absolute favorites are the first three <3

I want the catcher or the spinner

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