9 Completely True Definitions of Love ...


9 Completely True Definitions of Love ...
9 Completely True Definitions of Love ...

Have you ever thought about the true definitions of love and what it actually looks like? There are many components that make up the true definitions of love that are beautiful but also difficult. True love, not just romantic love, is hard. But anything worth having comes with a challenge, right? Hopefully these definitions will shed some new light on how you view love!

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One if the true definitions of love is someone who is selfless in their actions and thoughts, and who puts others first. It's pretty difficult to be selfless since we're selfish by nature, but if you truly have love in your heart, especially sacrificial love for your children, you can work to become selfless!



Someone who truly loves will bestow kindness on others. Kindness flows from those who know what love is and others are keenly aware of it by their words and actions. I think of encouraging words, respectfulness, and acts of service- however, it's more than that. Someone who is kind by nature will have an empathetic heart, will hurt when others hurt, and will rejoice when others rejoice.


Lets the Little Things Go

Have you ever known someone who holds onto every little tiff and offense and brings them up when provoked? I can tell you for sure that holding grudges and not forgiving offenses are both signs that someone doesn't have true love in their heart! Letting stuff go and realizing the importance of relationships and people are what make a person loving and genuine.



Want to show that you love others well? Be joyful! Smile often and mean it, and genuinely be interested in how others are doing. And joy is really synonymous with peace because even when there is chaos around you, your heart feels peace and inner joy.


Has the Gift of Patience

Some people are lucky enough to have the gift of patience. As a mom, I'm tested by this daily with my son and wish I had more patience! A characteristic of love, however, is someone who doesn't get angry easily but is patient and understanding with people.


Is Dependable

A true friend, and thus true love, is someone who is dependable and reliable when you need them, without fail. This includes their time, resources, ability to listen, and trustworthiness.


Doesn't Fly off the Handle

Similar to being patient, a person who has love in their heart won't fly off the handle in anger when something bothers them. In certain circumstances anger is totally justified- but how you carry out anger is key, and for what offenses. Little things aren't worth big explosions, especially at the sake of hurting the ones you love.


Continues to Love No Matter What

This one is tough- loving people without fail even when they do us wrong is the best definition of love there is. Love without ceasing is true love because it's not circumstantial or conditional.



Lastly, true love is forgiving. Forgive those you love not just for their sake but for your own happiness as well. Holding onto bad stuff only causes bitterness and unhappiness, which is damaging. So forgive for the sake of everyone!

Remember to keep in mind that these definitions of love will never be done perfectly because we're all human! Some characteristics will come more naturally than others and some will require hard work, so it's more of a list to work towards. But don't fret when you fail, just keep trying to love well with all you have! That's the most important thing. So ladies, what definitions of love do you find the easiest? Hardest? Share below!

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Doesn't fly of the handle i fly of the handle when Im stressed depressed but doesn't mean I don't love him. I think if I read this in a relationship I would be confused people hit rough patches. And act like they don't live someone but its normally themselves they don't love.

I had a very skewed perception for a long time what love was. Then when I got out of an abusive relationship I realized it wasn't love he had for me at all.


true enough .. especially about forgiving

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