Are Bad Boys Sexier than Nice Guys?


Are Bad Boys Sexier than Nice Guys?
Are Bad Boys Sexier than Nice Guys?

BuzzFeed doesn't stick to posting funny videos and articles. They've also posted some pretty interesting videos about the way a woman's mind works.

This one in particular tried to see if there's any truth behind the rumor that women prefer bad boys. How did they do it? By interviewing random women on the street, asking them if they preferred a serious picture of Eugene (who is everyone's favorite Buzzfeed worker) or if they preferred a smiling picture of him.

See the results right here:

Do you prefer bad boys, or would you rather be with a genuinely nice guy?

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Yes they are hotter, but no they aren't worth it. Skip the bad boy and get yourself a good man that treats you well!

I don't like bad boys!!! Their spiteful!

@melissa wow u summarised it so well hon haha

I think it depends. Yea, I agree, a bad boy with a great jawbone is hot, but I find they're harder to talk to cause they're so intimidating. I prefer a more open nice guy but it all depends if they can work the look.

I feel like I should warn the girls that haven't yet gone thru it themselves. I look back and laugh at a lot of things, from personal experiences I can say..NO. They've got way too many issues, they need to sort themselves out and grow up. Yuck. Bad boys are such a fad, you will get over it. Ain't nothing sexy abt a guy who lies and is obsessed with himself. You'll grow out of it ladies!! You can't make a life with one, and they'll never change.

@ Aria, I agree with you. I've been thru the bad boys, and I'm telling you ladies, yes they're sexy, confident, look manly, and yes maybe the sex will be good...but they also have low self esteem, usually a psychopath and you'll be wondering to yourself, why? Why? Why? Did I put myself in this situation! I have a good guy who is the friendly, likes to joke around, and makes me feel so secure and like his queen! I'll never go back to an asshole bad boy!

Bad boys can be sexier they ooze that thing that makes a girl go weak in the knees but i will say have quick fun with this bad boy and longevity of with with the good guy , just saying!

I would rather be with a guy who is nice

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