Can These 36 Questions Actually Make Strangers Fall in Love ?


You might've heard that there are thirty-six questions that can increase the likeliness of two people falling in love. Even though a study has proven that this method is effective, it's always nice to see proof.

That's why this video was made, which shows two strangers having a conversation for the first time. Check out the video to learn what the magical questions are and if they actually work at all.

Now that you know the experiment has worked for these two, you can try it out yourself. Which one of these questions do you find the most interesting?

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You have to hit unmute word at the top left of the screen. Idk why it's like that.

As I am deaf it would help if video had subtitles

They shouldn't have know what the study was about

I don't know about anyone else but the volume was not working for me so I have no idea what was said

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