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Are You One of These Super Cheesy People when in Love ?

By Neecey

Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world. But while you’re up there on Cloud 9 surrounded by unicorns and rainbows and hearts, you can fall into soppy overdrive. You probably don’t even notice that people around you have some rather frequent eye roll and deep sigh moments (they’re only jealous – lol!). And why? Because you’re probably doing these soppy things:

1 Smile when Alone

Smile when Alone Do you find yourself smiling like a lunatic when doing simple things along like buying groceries or taking the bus? Chances are that you are totally loved up!

2 More Pride in Appearance

More Pride in Appearance You used to just roll out of bed and straight to work, but now that you see hearts and stars everywhere you go, there is an extra spring in your step and you show it through your appearance.

3 You Send Cute Pictures

You Send Cute Pictures That photo of the two kittens snuggling that you have seen a million times before? Now it’s different Now you have to send it to your boyfriend immediately with a caption like “this is us!”.

4 Phone Screen

Phone Screen You never bothered with changing the generic background on your phone before, but now it’s a monthly showcase of the very best kissing selfie you have taken.

5 You’re More Inspired

You’re More Inspired You suddenly find yourself planning a whimsical trip across the world with your new love, because travel is romantic and you are so up for romance these days!

6 You Imagine the Future

You Imagine the Future The thought of the future used to freak you out, but now you can hear wedding bells, the patter of tiny feet, the bark of a new puppy; it’s all going on!

7 Love Notes

Love Notes You find yourself writing little love notes and sticking them up on the bathroom mirror or the fridge for your man to see, like you are living in some sort of rom-com!

8 Long Gazes

Long Gazes You used to think that making prolonged eye contact with a person was weird and creepy, but now you can get lost for hours in his eyes.

9 “I Love You”

“I Love You” This is probably the ultimate test of your soppiness - you are suddenly one of those people who ends every conversation with ‘I love you’ when previously you found it really hard to say.

10 PDA

PDA You know you’re seriously loved up when you find yourself engaging in some serious acts of public affection when in the past you were always one of those people who would shout “get a room!”.

11 ‘I’ Becomes ‘We’

‘I’ Becomes ‘We’ It happens without you realizing, but your love has reached such a level that you are not longer an ‘I’ in conversation, but a solid, unified ‘we’.

12 Pet Names

Pet Names Pet names used to be for the cringe couples and embarrassing parents of your friends, but now you are a proud ‘Snuggle Bunny’ and you are not ashamed!

13 Poetry

Poetry You know the love has reached uncontrollable levels when you decide that writing your very own love poem to your boyfriend is a good idea!

14 Couple Tattoos

Couple Tattoos Two pieces of jigsaw puzzle, two different sides of a heart, a lock and a key ... all tell tale signs of a couple whose love has reached the permanent ink stage.

15 You ‘Have a Song’

You ‘Have a Song’ It might be a song that never meant anything to you before, but now all of a sudden ‘your song’ is full of hidden meanings and loved up messages.

16 Terrorizing Social Media

Terrorizing Social Media You cannot do anything during the day together without posting a couples status of photo to accompany the update.

17 Constant Communication

Constant Communication You cannot go ten minutes in a day without sending or receiving a message from your loved one; you must stay in constant contact at all times!

18 Constant Reminders

Constant Reminders No matter what you are doing during the day, something will always remind you of him in one way or another.

19 You Miss Him

You Miss Him Even if it is only while you are apart for work, you still miss him and can’t wait until you get home!

How many of these are you guilty of? (But you don’t care right? You’re in love!)
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