Mistakes to Avoid if You Want More than a First Date ...


Mistakes to Avoid if You Want More than a First Date ...
Mistakes to Avoid if You Want More than a First Date ...

When you first meet people when you are out and about, or when you first meet people from Internet dating, you want to help improve your chances of seeing that person again. At the very least, you want that other person to stick around long enough so that “you” can decide if you want to see that person again. Here are a few things you should not do on first dates or on first meetings.

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Do Not Come Straight from Work

There are times when this is unavoidable, but the fact is that after work most people are smelly, haggard or stressed. Even if you look good, you probably smell bad and if you have tried to cover it with deodorant, then it is going to show.


Do Not Apply Too Much of Anything

Some women put on too much makeup or perfume, and some men put on too much deodorant and spend too much time on their hair. Ideally, you want to look as if you climbed out of a bath and freshened yourself up a bit. Anything more than that is going to smack of desperation.


Moderation is key when it comes to presenting yourself. Overdoing it can be a red flag for potential partners, signaling that you may be hiding insecurities or that you're trying too hard. Instead, aim for a balanced look that accentuates your best features without overshadowing the real you. Remember, a subtle scent, a touch of makeup, and a polished but not overworked hairstyle can speak volumes about your confidence and self-awareness. Authenticity is attractive, so let your natural charm shine through without an overwhelming façade.


Do Not Turn up with Dirt under Your Fingernails

If you work a job where it is physically impossible to get the dirt from your nails, then that is fair enough because your future partner will have to live with it. Otherwise, get the dirt from under your nails--especially if you are a woman because women tend to have longer nails, which means there is more room for dirt.


Do Not Talk about Exes, Tell Sex Stories, or Talk about Diseases

These are three areas of conversation that are actually fine to talk about, but they are so full of potential problems and risks that it is best to avoid them altogether. It is so easy to offend the other person, alienate the other person or turn that person off you that it is not worth the risk.


Do Not Ask the Other Person Questions All Night without Talking about Yourself

You have to strike a balance between talking about yourself and asking questions. Talk about yourself too much and a shy person may appreciate it, but most people will not be able to engage with you. Ask too many questions and the other person will not be able to connect with you. They are not learning anything about you that they may find attractive, which means by the end of the night you will be smitten with them and they will have forgotten your name.

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I would add to also not drink alcohol. It can be an ice breaker, but on a first date it may be best not to indulge for a variety of reasons. Your sober intuition is always your best guide!

Ladies, do not wear racy clothing. Keep it conservative. You can show your naughty side later on. I'm a doctor, so I'm very knowledgeable about many topics. You're welcome! :)

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