7 Awesome Topics for a Second Date ...


7 Awesome Topics for a Second Date ...
7 Awesome Topics for a Second Date ...

Girls, we all know the key factors to bring up on a first date, but always feel stumped on topics for a second date. I'm here to share with you some ideas on how to keep up a conversation with the cute guy you're beginning to date. You can't continuously ask where someone is from or how many brothers and sisters they have, but you can ask them to tell you stories! The second date is all about sharing life experiences to get a sense of who the other person is. Be prepared for the following seven awesome topics for a second date!

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A Crazy Experience

The best topic to talk about on a second date is that wild memory you will never forget. Every one has a story they say, "I'll remember this for the rest of my life!" Well here is your chance to share it with some one you want to impress. The experience you had will give the guy a hint into the kind of fun you like to have.


Travel Adventures

Remember that cruise, spring break, or summer road trip that was just a girls gone wild adventure? Or how about that year abroad researching with some of the top professors in the world? What ever it was you were doing, it is a story you must tell as a topic for a second date. Hearing about places you have been in the world is a great way to show off some of your brain or wild side with out sounding too braggy. Keep it simple and make sure to ask your date about their experience too! It's always nice to picture laying on a beach.


That Moment in School

Whether you were the brainiac in school, the rebel, or little miss popular we all have moments in school that someone can relate to. This is an awesome topic for a second date to give an insight into what kind of person you were growing up without completely giving it away. Find out what makes him light up by hearing what made him the most excited in school, whether it was winning the football game, getting that A, or being prom king. Child hood stories are important to remember about your date because in the future you can always relate back to it, and show you really paying attention to more then just his dreamy eyes!



This is a topic for a second date that has two meanings to it. The first is a crazy sex experience the person has had. The most interesting place, the craziest moment in bed, anything wild. The second is the infamous story of "how you lost your virginity". These are always good to talk about with guys, because guys love thinking, doing, and talking about sex. Don't get intimidated by his stories either, because he may be more talk then action!


Goals in Life

On to a more serious note, this is a topic for a second date when you want to show a more sincere and intellectual side. Bring up goals talking about goals in life. I am not saying marriage or kids, because that will most likely scare him away on a second date. I am talking about where he would like to find himself in his career in a few years, something he desires to cross off his bucket list, and any aspirations and dreams he may have. It's a great to way to make a guy speak about himself without making him feel interrogated and get an insight if this is someone you would like to be with.


Best Birthday

Depending on what age you are, I'm sure you have had at least one birthday you will never forget. For some people its that 21st rager that you only know about because of pictures, or maybe its your 16th birthday when all your friends threw together a huge surprise party! Either way, both of you sharing your own stories helps ignite past memories in your brain. It may go from talking about one birthday to all of them!


First Kiss

Every girl has a first kiss she will never forget. Whether it was a boy in a sandbox, in a corner of a school dance, or in the back of a car, every person can relate to a first kiss. It's a great conversation piece because it gets you laughing and talking about either an awkward weird moment, or a magical romantic one. But either way kissing is the main focus. The minute it is thought about it is now in the front of his mind, instead of back. This is a perfect topic for a second date.

With all these awesome topics for a second date there is no way you're going to have to experience any stuttering or awkward silence. Girls, you are now ahead of the game and ready to spend a few hours with tons of conversation pieces. Have fun, and remember, make it about your date instead of yourself. What other stories can you think to share on a second date?

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ok arent second dates suppose to be casual

What if you haven't had your first kiss and he asks what's should you say?

Just honestly answer: I haven't had mine yet! Haha Easy:]

talking about sex on a second date? Woot, awkward!

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