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Topics for a First Date should be engaging and interesting enough for both you and your date to relax and feel comfortable enough to share a few not-too-personal but still personal information but still light enough not to cause embarrassment, arguments or other bad feelings. Tricky, huh? Well, not exactly – there are plenty of things you could talk about! You see, although planning topics for a first date isn’t exactly possible, there is no rule that says you’re not allowed to go through all those fun stuff you can ask, mention or talk about prior to going on a date. So, in case you’re wondering which are the best topics for a first date, here’s a list of 7 interesting suggestions:

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Siblings and/or Pets

Brothers, sisters (or cousins, in case your date is an only child) and, of course, pets are some of those so-called “safe” topics for a first date which means you don’t really have to beat around the bush in order to find out more about people (or animals) your date cares about. Stay away from the “Parents and what they do for living” topics because those might be tricky, not to mention quite inappropriate and discuss these things very lightly and only if your date mentions them first.


Job or School

Let’s face it –job, school or both play a really important role in our daily lives which means this subject will eventually come up on its own. Now, in case the clock is ticking and you’ve ran out of fresh, interesting questions, just stick to those good old “How’s school/work? / So, you told me you’re a (you’re date’s work position or school he/she attends) – how’s that going?” questions and let your date do all the talking. Be the first one to pop this question as that could be your “get out of jail free” card, meaning that you’ll be able to hear your date’s story first and avoid embarrassing situations such as the ones where you say something wrong (like “veterinarians are not really doctors” and then it turns out your date is a vet) or brag/complain too much.



Well, since getting to know each other a bit better is pretty much the point of every first date, talking about things both you and your date like to do in your free time is usually a must. Feel free to ask him/her everything hobby-related as this is not only one of the best topics for a first date but also a very good way to find out if you “click” enough to go out on the second date.


Music, Food, Likes and Dislikes

If you’re in a restaurant, talk about food, if you’re in a bar definitely mention music and you’ll be discussing likes and dislikes as well as potentially funny anecdotes before you know it! Topics for a first date don’t get any safer or better than this because you’re actually showing interest without being too nosey. Remember, even a hard core Britney Spears fan and a hard core rocker can have a nice chat if they agree on the fact that they both have the word “hard core” in common so, don’t frown, don’t be negative and don’t jump to conclusions in case your date’s interests turn out to be different than yours.


Future and Travelling

You can talk about future without the risk of sounding too nosey, needy or forward and, quite honestly, that could turn out to be one very interesting conversation topic. When you ask about the future avoid marriage/kids topics and focus on work and life in general -we all have some hopes and dreams and, although some of them might not come true, speaking about them sure is interesting. Travel is also one of cool topics for a first date as you can discuss both future plans and past experiences without asking about details that are too personal. If your date has no problem sharing, this topic will give him/her a chance to do it (people rarely travel alone so wait to see if he/she will mention anybody, if not don’t push it).


Social Life

If friends and/or places your date likes to go to didn’t come up while you were talking about hobbies, asking him or her additional questions isn’t a bad idea at all and, as long as you stay away from the “Oh, is he/she cute?” stuff, you can rest assured everything will go just fine. You’re probably eager to know whether your date is outgoing or prefers quiet lifestyle – Right? Well, behold one of the most enlightening topics for a first date! Get your date to talk about his/her lifestyle and you’ll soon know what to expect if that date leads to another one and another one and ultimately a relationship.


Mishaps and Anecdotes

Okay, ladies and gents, so above you have six very interesting, neutral and always welcome topics for a first date which you can make even cooler by including some funny stories. If you’re talking about vacations and travelling, try to have at least on travel-related anecdote to tell and that goes for pretty much every one of these afore mentioned suggestions. You don’t have to prepare notes and the story doesn’t necessarily have to be about something that happened to you – it just has to be fun! If you start sharing your date will be more relaxed and ready to share as well and that, my friends, means the date is going well.

Smile, be cool and relax because, although topics for a first date can’t be planned, there will be plenty of things to talk about just as well as opportunities to change the subject in case the one you’re discussing turns out to be a bad choice. But, here, let’s make a little research to see which topics are the most popular! Tell me -Which are your favorite topics for a first date and why do you like them so much?

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What if I did bring up my parents on my first date. And cried. Because my dad has cancer. That would leave a bad impression wouldn't it..?

Ahahah I like how siblings and pets are under one category

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