Really Bad Dating Advice from Disney Princesses ...


Really Bad Dating Advice from Disney Princesses ...
Really Bad Dating Advice from Disney Princesses ...

She always seems to get the man in the end, but bad dating advice from Disney princesses is there in every single movie. The happy ending is there for every girl, but the way the Disney princesses go about it is just crazy. So, if you want to find your fairly tale come true, don't follow this bad dating advice from Disney princesses.

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Changing for a Man

water, sky, dancer, computer wallpaper, organism, This is some of the worst bad dating advice from Disney princesses. If a man really loves and wants you, you shouldn't need to change who you are. Sorry Cinderella. Turning into a different person for a man is never a good idea.


Disney princesses have been a source of inspiration for many generations of young girls. Unfortunately, they also offer some really bad dating advice. Cinderella, for example, teaches us that if a man loves you, you should change who you are to make him happy. This is a dangerous message that puts the emphasis on pleasing the man, instead of valuing yourself.

The truth is, no one should ever have to change themselves for someone else. We should all be able to express our true selves and be accepted for who we are. Love should be unconditional, and not dependent on looks or behavior. It’s important to remember that when it comes to dating, you should never compromise your values or beliefs.

It’s also important to recognize that relationships are a two-way street. Both partners should be willing to compromise and make sacrifices for each other. However, this should never mean changing who you are. Instead, it should be about finding a balance between both of your needs and wants.


Lying is OK

blue, red, cartoon, fun, sky, Princess Jasmine didn't see any red flags when Aladdin lied about who he really was. No relationship that starts out with a lie is ever going to succeed. If he lies to you about who he is, he's not someone you want to move forward with.


Going off with a Strange Man is Safe

vertebrate, art, fictional character, girl, tree, Princess Aurora wandered off with a man she met in the woods and Princess Jasmine hopped onto Aladdin's magic carpet, no questions asked. Going anywhere with a man you just met is a terrible idea and one that can end in a lot of heartache. Just don't do it.


You Have to Give up Everything

blue, mammal, cartoon, vertebrate, fictional character, When Ariel met Eric, she was ready to give up everything - her home, her family and her friends - to go live with him. No man worth spending the rest of your life with is going to ask that you forget about your own life. And if he does? Ditch him - fast!


A Criminal is a Good Choice

blue, mammal, vertebrate, art, fun, Remember how the Beast kidnapped Belle's father, then treated her poorly? He won't change. You should never take up with a man who has shown you that he will do bad things. You're just setting yourself up for misery.


You Have to Stay Home

cartoon, art, anime, illustration, fiction, In today's day and age, women are doing great things everywhere. Too bad in Disney movies they spend their time cleaning, cooking, sewing or reading. If a man expects that from you, your fairy tale isn't that great and you should look for another one.


A Kiss While You're Asleep is Romantic

blue, red, purple, darkness, light, Sure, if you've been married for years and sleep next to each other every night. Definitely not if you just met and you don't know how you ended up in his bed or his arms. Use caution when meeting a new man. Bad things happen and you need to be aware to prevent yourself from waking up to a strange man pressing his lips against yours.


You Need a Man

cartoon, fictional character, fiction, human behavior, art, One thing Disney princesses have taught us is that you need a man. You don't. You're fully capable of fulfilling your own dreams, slaying your own dragons and taking care of yourself.


You Have to Wait for Him

art, entertainment, performing arts, tradition, religion, Quit being Aurora waiting for her prince to come. Go out there and find him. Gone are the days when a woman has to wait around for a man to decide he is interested. If you're interested in him, go after him.

What other dating advice do Disney princesses have all wrong?

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Or how about Mulan, if you gotta cross dress or become transgender you better run too. Rotfl

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