Love Tips 7 Unexpected Ways to Bump into Your Crush ...


Love Tips 7 Unexpected Ways to Bump into Your Crush ...
Love Tips 7 Unexpected Ways to Bump into Your Crush ...

Love Tips can pop up anywhere! For my love tips of the day, I'm going to talk about some of the unexpected and unique ways that you can bump into your crush, without seeming desperate or like you even meant to! This is one of the love tips that you might want to take to heart if you have a crush and are looking for a way to see him without seeming needy. So ladies, let's get on with the love tips!

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Get to Know His Friends

You don't need to be awkward and weird about it, but one of the top love tips is to get to know his friends. Who knows, maybe if you become mutual friends with his friends, you can get on his inner circle. Once there, you'll get all the hot invites and might even be able to get him comfortable around you – which in turn may lead to other things!


Find out Where He Works

Do not stalk him. Ladies, I repeat, do not stalk him once you find out where he works. Instead, this is one of the love tips that you want to use once in a while. Maybe casually drop by his work to pick something up (if he works in retail or a restaurant somewhere) and maybe casually start to chat him up. Trust me, he probably wants to talk to you more than work and he'll appreciate the visit! Remember though, don't intrude on his work and get him in trouble.


Movie Theaters

A lot of girls don't think that the movie theater is a good place to meet up (or bump into) their crush, but it is! It's a common place to go, probably a place where a lot of your friends hang out and hey, you'll get to see some of the hottest movies! So, throw out a cute outfit and get yourself on down to the movie theater!


Local Hang Outs

Every single town everywhere has a hang out. If you're a girl, you've got to get the low-down on your local hang outs and 9 times outta 10; your crush will be hanging out at the same spots. So go to the local coffee shop, hang out at the local movie theater or maybe head on over to a local hot and hip restaurant. It'll be a great way for you to bump into your crush and this is definitely one of the love tips that I follow all of the time!



Even if you don't go to parties all of the time, it might be a good idea for you to drop by one every once a while. Remember, this is one of the love tips that you'll have to do a little research before you go. Find out which parties are hot and which parties he'll be at – that way, you can at least make an appearance and see what happens!



Concerts are a great way for you to run into your crush without it being weird. Concerts are also a great way for you to find out if your crush and you are into the same music. So – buy some tickets (see if he wants to go with you even!) and get yourself to a concert and see what happens!



Now, of course, this only applies if you are in some type of school (high school, college, graduate school). This is one of the few love tips that is pretty easy to do – after all, if you have the same class as your crush, it’s easy to run into him. Who knows, maybe he’s even going for the same major as you!

Learning the ins and outs of** love tips** isn’t easy. Relationships themselves aren’t easy, but they are fun and meaningful! So ladies, what love tips do you use when you’re trying to snag your crush? Do you have any fun insights for girls looking to ‘run’ into their crush? Share your stories -- and your own love tips!

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