7 Bewitching Ways to Attract a Taurus ...


7 Bewitching Ways to Attract a Taurus ...
7 Bewitching Ways to Attract a Taurus ...

If you've been dying to attract a Taurus, but have no idea how to go about it, don't worry! I've got all of the top tips on how to attract a Taurus that will really hook him or her instantly! Remember, the Taurus sign is huge on respect, huge on patience and they really like routines, so you've really got to know what you are coming into when you are dealing with this amazing yet stubborn sign!

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Look Amazing

The Taurus sign is all about the physical appearance in the beginning, so that means that you've got to really look your best – and typically they will look their best too! If you want to instantly attract a Taurus, put on your very best pair of jeans, your best shirt and throw on your best smelling perfume or cologne to really draw them in!


Mutual Respect

Remember how I said that Taurus is all about mutual respect? Well, girls and boys, this is where you've got to really make sure to up your game. You've got to respect your bull-crush and he or she will respect you in just the right way. The bull is full of pride and with that pride comes a sense of entitlement that is hard to get past sometimes, but once you do, it all boils down to a need to be respected.


Be Patient

The Taurus is a sign that doesn't like to be rushed – ever – so that means that if you are looking for an instant relationship with your Taurus-crush, you probably won't get that right away. Instead, you'll have to wait a little bit and I promise you, it'll be so, so worth it in the end!


Loves an Inviting Atmosphere

One of the hugest things that you have to remember about the Taurus is that they aren't going to go into a home or into a space where they don't feel invited. You've got to make your personal space and your home feel inviting to a Taurus and let them know that you love them being near you!


Home-Cooked Food

Ah, who said the way to your crush isn't through their stomach? Bake them something, cook them something! This sign is all about the home-cooked food and they absolutely love it when people take time out of their day to prepare something delicious just for them!


Taureans like Routine

While you might not know this about this particular sign, they love routine. Typically, a Taurus will go the same way to work or to school every day, they have a particular order in which they get ready and they have it down to the minute how long they have before they have to get out of the house. Might seem like a bit much, but this is a sign that loves routine!


Know What You're Getting into

Finally, you've got to know what you are getting into whenever you are trying to attract a Taurus. They are a beautiful and wonderful sign, but they do have traits that are a bit dominant and can be overwhelming. Remember that before you start to get involved, so that you can see just how well they match up with your personality!

I love all of the different signs and learning all of the different ways to attract them, but the Taurus does hold a special place in my heart! Have you ever tried to attract a Taurus before?

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I'm a Taurus too and all these fit me perfectly!!!

All of these are all spot on. My husband and I are Taurus's! Many of my friends are too. It's funny because I'm always drawn to loyalty and because I'm a Taurus I find the best friendships are with other Taurus's! This article is spot on! My husband and I have been together 15 years and we love spending All our time together, truly my best friend!! ;)

This is so true! My boyfriend is a Taurus and yes he's exactly as described here!!

My husband is a Taurus ... I’m a Scorpio we are the perfect match ... 21 years and counting!!

It's crazy how true allll of these always are!!

I can identify myself xD

True !!!!

Please do one for Cancer! :)

This is dead on! This explains exactly how I am!!!

Lol wouldn't a capricorn girl be a really good match for a Taurus guy?

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