7 Disarming Ways to Attract a Virgo to Make Them Yours ...

Now, you've all been probably wondering, how do you go about learning how to attract a Virgo? I've done my research, girls and boys, and I've got the top tips to attract a Virgo that will really get his or her attention no matter what! If you've got a crush on a Virgo, you've got to take a look at the tips below so that you'll know exactly what will attract your darling Virgo-crush!

1. Neat, Clean & Tidy

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The one thing that you need to know about the Virgo sign is the fact that they like things very neat, very tidy and they want to make sure that everything is clean. If you're inviting your Virgo-crush over for a hanging out experience, one surefire way to attract a Virgo is to make sure that everything is straightened up!

2. They Hate Falseness

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One thing that Virgos absolutely hate is falseness. They don't want someone that is fake, instead, they want someone that is real, someone that is going to tell them the truth about everything. If you can't be upfront with your Virgo-crush, why are you trying to attract them? Trust me on this one, don't be fake with a Virgo, they will figure it out and be extremely upset with you!

3. Avoid Gushing Compliments

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While you might want to compliment your crush, one thing that you might want to take to heart is avoiding really gushy and mushy compliments. They tend to not take these types of compliments that well and if you are really trying hard to impress them, or at least to attract your Virgo-crush, you don't want to embarrass them!

4. Very Detail-Oriented

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The Virgo sign as a whole is extremely detail-oriented, so that means that if you make plans with your Virgo-crush, you've got to make sure that it is all detailed out and that your plans don't change a whole lot. Remember, this sign isn't huge on change, they really like to have things set in stone.

5. Dry Wit is a Must

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While you might be bubbly and all giggles, you've also got to really have a dry wit and a dry sense of humor to attract a Virgo. They like sarcasm, they like someone that understands dry wit and someone that can get their sense of humor. I'm a bubbly person and I know that I can switch it up a little and do the dry wit just as well as anyone else – you've got to be versatile!

6. No out-of-Control Bursts

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Oh, those emotions and the freak outs – you've got to keep those to a minimum whenever you are dealing with a Virgo. You don't ever want to fly off the handle when you're trying to attract this particular sign, as they don't typically deal well with any emotional issues. Trust me, keep the emotions under wraps in the beginning!

7. Steer Clear of Emotional Issues

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And that brings me to my last point, steering clear of all the emotional issues. In the beginning, you don't want to bring a bunch of emotional baggage into the mix, as darling Virgos do not deal well with emotions. So, if you have an issue? Keep it on the DL for a little while until you get to know your Virgo-crush better!

So, these are just a few of the top ways that you can attract your very favorite Virgo to you to make him or her yours! Have you ever been attracted to a Virgo?

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