7 Enchanting Ways to Attract a Sagittarius and Make Them Yours ...


7 Enchanting Ways to Attract a Sagittarius and Make Them Yours ...
7 Enchanting Ways to Attract a Sagittarius and Make Them Yours ...

Oh how I love the Sagittarius sign, but how do you go about learning to attract a Sagittarius? Well, if your crush happens to be a Sag, I've got all of the top tips that will help you attract a Sagittarius and that will blow his or her mind! Don't worry, they aren't hard, you've just got to be confident, make your Sag-crush feel good and remember exactly how sensitive this particular sign is. Take a look below for more ways to attract your crush!

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Confidence is Key

Firstly, the top tip for learning to attract a Sagittarius is all going to boil down to your confidence. This particular sign is all about the confidence and they love to see confident people. These are the types of girls and boys that a Sagittarius goes for, so make sure that you appear confident and that you aren't weak-willed around them!


Keep Them Guessing

Mystery is huge for a Sagittarius, so that means that you've got to constantly keep your Sag guessing! You don't want to give away everything right up front, as they can get bored pretty easily. So, keep them guessing by leaving out certain things about yourself and make them ask you particular questions!


Make Them Feel Good

Compliments are something that this particular sign loves – also, you want to make them feel really good. When they are around you, they should feel like a better person, they should feel like you make them a better person. Make them laugh, make them smile and keep them guessing! These are the keys!


Love Independence

Because this particular sign is a hunter, they love, love, love their independence. They don't want to be tied down right away, so that means that you'll have to work a little to pull your Sag-crush into a relationship. However, once you do, it'll be an amazing feat and they will be so, so faithful!


Well-Rounded Conversations Are a Turn-on

Now, with a Sagittarius, they want to make sure that the conversation is on a smooth flowing basis and that you are holding up your end of it. They want the conversation to be about everything from traveling all the way to what foods you both like. They want someone extremely well-rounded and ever-so-intriguing!

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Remember How Sensitive This Sign is

By far, Sagittarius is one of the most sensitive signs out there! This sign takes things personally, so you've got to remember, when you are joking around or being sarcastic, not to hurt them. You might just mean what you say as a joke, but they could take it personally, so just be aware!


Be Elegant

Finally, elegance in every fashion is going to be a huge turn-on for this particular sign. They don't want someone that is sloppy and not elegant at all, they want someone that knows manners and uses them constantly! They love someone who is polite and someone who is able to show empathy all of the time – try it and see how it works for you!

So, these are just a few of the things that will make your Sagittarius sign become instantly attracted to you! Do you have any more tips to share? How have you attracted a Sagittarius in the past?

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So true! And this comes from a sag herself!

Totally agree

I'm a Sagittarius and completely agree with all of this. I hate mysteries though... But that's just because I NEED to know the answer so I guess they still attract me? Haha oh well

I'm a sagittarius and this pretty much hits the mark

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