Dating Tips 7 Reasons It's Okay to Juggle when Dating ...


Dating Tips 7 Reasons It's Okay to Juggle when Dating ...
Dating Tips 7 Reasons It's Okay to Juggle when Dating ...

Dating Tips often come in handy … especially when you're dating other people. Now, this might be something of a hot button, but I'm here to say that it's okay to juggle when you date. Juggling refers to dating – I repeat, dating, not sleeping with! – several people at once. Now, if it's your desire and you're safe, then sleeping with multiple is fine too, if that's what you want to do, but we're not talking about THAT today. No, these are dating tips for juggling and why it's totally okay to do. Many women juggle these days, and there are some very good reasons – as you'll see with these awesome, juggle-related dating tips!

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You Have More Options

This is probably the most persuasive dating tip for dating multiple people: you just have more options. It's awful to be dating a guy or a girl for weeks or even months, thinking everything's going great, and then you find out the other person doesn't feel the same way. And dumps you. When you get all wrapped up in one person, that is so hard. With multiple people, there's not nearly as much pressure, and you can really judge your chemistry. See, the key to juggling is that when you meet someone who makes you forget about everyone else and who seems into you as well, you're done!


You Get Lots of Practice

One of the reasons dating is so hard is because it's totally nerve-wracking. Back when I was dating, I was constantly nervous, especially during those early days. You don't always know how to act, how to make small talk without being boring, or even what constitutes a really good first date. However, when you juggle, you get a lot of practice just going out and having fun with a member of the opposite – or the same – sex.


A Better First Impression

Multi-dating also teaches you how to make a better first impression, and that can actually benefit you in other aspects of your life as well. In this regard, however, an important dating tip is to not change yourself to please one of your dates. Be you all the way through, no matter what.


It's a Confidence Builder

Dating different people is great for your confidence as well. After all, realize that a number of men or women are interested in you just makes you feel good about yourself. You can be the most confident person in the world, but that still gives you a boost, and that, too, will have a positive effect on other aspects of your life.


You Won't Feel Pressured

One of the best reasons to date different people at once is this one. Go back to #1, and think about never having to feel that way again! Dating one person can create pressure in all kinds of different ways. You might feel pressured to like the person because he or she is your only prospect, you might feel pressured to sleep with your date, or even to keep seeing that person. With multiple people, however, you can feel better about giving into your feelings because there aren't just plenty more fish in the sea, they're actually on your hook!


You Have More Fun

Dating is supposed to be fun, right? Well, naturally, when you're seeing several people at once, you can have more fun! In this way, you can actually make friends with people, even if nothing romantic grows between the two of you.


You Get Stronger

Lastly, this is probably the best dating tip for going out with multiple people. You really do get stronger. You get stronger emotionally, especially, because the whole thought of rejection becomes much less important. Your confidence grows, you know how to make a better first impression, and you have the confidence to know that the right relationship is out there. Until you find it, you're just having a great time!

I really hope these dating tips are helpful to anyone who's currently juggling, or to anyone who thinks they might want to. It's perfectly acceptable for women to do this – heck, lots of guys do it all the time! You just have to look for helpful dating tips like these, so you don't get overwhelmed. It doesn't mean that you're easy or desperate, just that you're keeping your options open, and that's always good. Do you have any other dating tips for women who want to learn how to juggle?

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