7 Deep Love Lessons ❤ All Girls Should Learn in Their 20s ...

Your 20s are typically a time you learn a lot about love and relationships. You may be having your first serious relationship, have dated several guys or even be engaged or married when you’re in the midst of this decade of your life. These’re some deep love lessons all girls should learn in their 20s. It’s also important to remember that learning about love and relationships will be a lifelong experience.

1. Not Every Date Will Turn into a Relationship

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One of the first lessons you learn about love comes in casual dating. Sometimes you go into a very casual date with the expectation it’ll turn into a long-term relationship. It doesn’t take too many casual dates to drive home the point that isn’t always going to happen. Approach first dates looking for a fun evening rather than a commitment. And there are those special times it’ll surprise you by turning into something special.

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