Game-Changing Tips for Girls Who Feel Awkward on Dates ...


Game-Changing Tips for Girls Who Feel Awkward on Dates ...
Game-Changing Tips for Girls Who Feel Awkward on Dates ...

If you're anywhere near as awkward as I am, it's a wonder you've ended up with a first-date invite, not because you aren't a catch -- of course you are! -- but because we're just. so. awkward! So it's date time now, and how do you keep calm and proceed without your trademark awkward? Here are a few ideas.

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Pick the Place

You'll be much more comfortable if you choose the place you'll meet, because it's your home turf. If he's already suggested a place, and you haven't been there before, scope it out ahead of time. That's not psycho, that's being prepared.


Give Yourself Time

I'm always, always running late, which adds stress to an already stressful situation. If your date's at 5, plan to be there at 4:30, or at least 4:45. That gives you plenty of time for last-minute eyeliner debacles and unexpected uber waits.


Silence is... Okay

Right, so first date silence isn't golden, but it doesn't have to be awkward either. In case it does get awkward, have a few topics in reserve you can go to, so you don't even up just blurting out something embarrassing or too serious or... yeah, embarrassing.


Don't Try Anything New

YOu've never had sushi, and it looks good on the menu, so why not? Well, you could end up hating it, or it could taste gross, or you could accidentally eat a glob of wasabi without realizing what it was. Save the experiments for next date, and just for now, stick to what you know.



Half-way through a first date, I almost always want to blurt out, "DO YOU LIKE ME?" just to end the suspense. Resist. It's just weird when you do that. Trust me.


How to Good-Bye

After a date, do you shake hands? Hug? Wave? High-Five? Plan ahead for what you want to do, so when it's time to say good-bye, you're not any more awkward than you need to be. Me? I usually do a terrible half-hug then dart away without looking back. Ugh.


To Kiss or Not to Kiss

If you think the date went well, and you're anxious about whether he's going to kiss you or not, why not make the first move, and kiss him rather than waiting? It'll certainly take the guessing out of it, and if he does kiss you first, well that's a bonus.

Do you have any other end-the-awkward tips to share? Please do... I need them!

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