7 Devious Ways to Get over an Ex ...


Every single one of us is fated to be disappointed in love at some point, when the person we care so much for discards us without so much as a backwards glance. Each time we feel that we will never get over the split, and descend into a pit of self-pity, chocolate and sobbing on girlfriends’ shoulders. So here are some devious ways to get over an ex …

1. Photoshop Can Be Fun!

Chances are you will have hundreds of photos of your ex (and you with your ex) on your computer. Tee hee. Here comes Photoshop. You can have immensely silly and satisfying revenge on your ex by doctoring their pics. Okay, they’ll never know, but then they don’t need to – the point is to make you feel better. In addition to being a really devious way to get over an ex, this one is fun and cathartic!

Replace Them


Hey Kiki, It's a wonderful feeling when you realize that you have indeed moved on, isn't it? Thanks for reading!
My ex and I have been apart for about a month (who's counting?) and I have to admit, that photoshop one was really good. This really helped. Thanks. And about that meeting someone new, I happened to m...
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