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17 Things to do if You Want to Get over Your Ex ...

By Lyndsie

Everyone gets over an ex differently. It depends on how you process pain and sadness, the nature and length of your relationship, and what ended it in the first place, or any number of other things. Still, no matter what, there are a few things you have to do for yourself. It may take a while before you feel like doing them, but seriously, they'll help.

Table of contents:

  1. Realize how much better off you are
  2. But first, you need to wallow
  3. Let yourself go wild
  4. Talk as much smack as you want
  5. Put together the perfect playlist(s)
  6. Do not call or text your ex
  7. Demand more
  8. Unfriend even you still stalk
  9. Clear your mind
  10. Have a first date
  11. … or a one night stand
  12. Let go of your love
  13. Own your pain
  14. Let yourself cry
  15. Avoid getting back together at all costs
  16. Put up some walls for a little while
  17. Realize it's her/his loss

1 Realize How Much Better off You Are

You really are. This could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

2 But First, You Need to Wallow

Wallowing is essential. You're entitled to a little self-pity.

3 Let Yourself Go Wild

Go out with your friends. Belt out your favorite song as you drive down the highway. Dance naked around your house. Whatevs.

4 Talk as Much Smack as You Want

I know, everyone else tells you to rise above and be the better person. I believe I have actually given that advice before myself. Still, sometimes you have to. Just do it … with good judgment, let's say.

5 Put Together the Perfect Playlist(s)

You need a sad one and a happy, upbeat one. Perhaps an angry one, too.

6 Do Not Call or Text Your Ex

Don't. It will just lead to emotional manipulation and other bad things.

7 Demand More

You're worth it. Listen to Yang. Always listen to Yang.

8 Unfriend Even You Still Stalk

I'm not even going to say anything about stalking. I know you feel like you'll miss a lot if you stop following your ex on social media, and yeah, you will, but if you really want to get over this, just stalk the public stuff.

9 Clear Your Mind

See? This is the purpose of unfriending your ex.

10 Have a First Date

Maybe even with someone who's not your usual type.

11 … or a One Night Stand

Hey. Sometimes they help.

12 Let Go of Your Love

A little at a time … or a lot. Whatever works for you.

13 Own Your Pain

If you can't own it, you can't get over it.

14 Let Yourself Cry

Seriously. Crying can often be just the release you need.

15 Avoid Getting Back Together at All Costs

Unless your ex is seriously The One, of course. But if you're really trying to get over her or him, just don't do it.

16 Put up Some Walls for a Little While

They'll protect you. Right now you need some protection.

17 Realize It's Her/his Loss

Not yours. You've still got you. You're the clear winner in this situation.

What's the one thing guaranteed to get you over a relationship?

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