7 Devious Ways to Get over an Ex ...


7 Devious Ways to Get over an Ex ...
7 Devious Ways to Get over an Ex ...

Every single one of us is fated to be disappointed in love at some point, when the person we care so much for discards us without so much as a backwards glance. Each time we feel that we will never get over the split, and descend into a pit of self-pity, chocolate and sobbing on girlfriends’ shoulders. So here are some devious ways to get over an ex …

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Photoshop Can Be Fun!

Chances are you will have hundreds of photos of your ex (and you with your ex) on your computer. Tee hee. Here comes Photoshop. You can have immensely silly and satisfying revenge on your ex by doctoring their pics. Okay, they’ll never know, but then they don’t need to – the point is to make you feel better. In addition to being a really devious way to get over an ex, this one is fun and cathartic!


Replace Them

Sure, you are convinced that you will never meet anyone else ever again. Well, it would be daft to rush into a new relationship, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun (at your ex’s expense). Hook up with someone younger, richer and better-looking than them, and make sure they know about it … hehe.


Sticks and Stones …

We all know where male pride lies. So get a t-shirt printed with the phrase ‘I faked it every time,' and wear it where you know they will see you. Nothing like being as subtle as a sledgehammer, is there? This is definitely a devious way to get over your ex.


Get a Dog

There are many advantages to replacing your lost love with a canine companion. Not only are dogs more trainable than men, but you can have them neutered! Getting the ex neutered is frowned upon, as much as you might want to, so that option is out. And if your ex wasn’t that bad, then a dog will still be great company.


Best Friends Forever

This option should only be exercised At Your Own Risk, as it can create all kinds of trouble. Still, if you’re feeling particularly vengeful, hook up with your ex’s best friend and watch the fireworks fly. Bear in mind, though, that vengeance can be counterproductive, so maybe a little light flirting will be enough.


Garage Sale

Gather up everything that your ex ever bought you. Put aside anything that you really love or use a lot. Forget sentimentality – hanging on to something just because he bought it will not help you to get over your ex. List the lot on eBay, sell at a garage sale or anywhere that you can get rid of it, and buy yourself something great with the proceeds. This devious way to get over an ex was marvelously portrayed in the SATC movie.


Looking for Love Online

Here’s where you can be super-devious. If your ex has wasted no time getting registered on dating sites (and especially if they did it BEFORE the split), register with a, um, creative profile and someone else’s photo, and express an interest in their profile. See how far you can get before they work it out … if they ever do. This can be tons of fun.

Getting over an ex is hard work, and dreaming of how to get our own back can help you. Do be careful that you don’t hurt yourself, though – one or two are probably best left as fantasy. What devious ways have you thought up to get over an ex?

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My ex and I have been apart for about a month (who's counting?) and I have to admit, that photoshop one was really good. This really helped. Thanks. And about that meeting someone new, I happened to meet someone. He's really sweet and kind. My ex texts me all the time, but I never answer. I learned to live without him. Thanks again.

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