7 Tips for Getting over a Bad Relationship ...


7 Tips for Getting over a Bad Relationship ...
7 Tips for Getting over a Bad Relationship ...

It can take a seriously long time to get over a bad relationship. Let’s face it, if life was like the movies, we’d spend the night in baggy clothes, eating ice-cream and crying, and then feel refreshed and rejuvenated enough to meet someone new the very next day. In reality, healing just isn’t that fast. But how do you help yourself to heal as quickly as possible so you can get over a bad relationship?

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Crying is Allowed…

Most people don’t like to wallow, and some completely refuse to cry. In order to healthily get over a bad relationship, some crying is essential. It releases tension, stress and emotion, and helps you to process the break-up and heal. Soon enough, you’ll find that you don’t need or want to cry anymore – and you’ll know you’ve turned a corner. Stock up on soft tissues and cry it out when you need to.


Make a Plan…

Getting through the days can be tough after a break-up, and you might feel that all the days and nights are merging into one long hard stretch. Don’t look into the future just yet. Instead, focus on now. What do you need to do today? What would you like to do? Accept your limitations, and don’t overwhelm yourself, but set yourself a target to have a shower, file some paperwork, watch a comedy, make lunch. You’ll feel much better for it.


Be Positive…

Okay, so it hurts like hell right now, and you are probably agreeing with every tormented love song you can find, and sobbing uncontrollably whenever you remember the good times. It can be very easy to lose your positivity and become bitter and isolated, especially when you are wounded. Hey, having no contact with anyone means they can’t hurt you, right? But islands don’t last long on their own. They sink. Don’t let yourself become an island, and limit any withdrawals. Even minimal contact with friends through email or voicemail is good progress.


Make Yourself a Promise…

Spend some time looking at inspirational quotes and extracts. There is one rule – no heart broken lines from love songs, and nothing negative or tormented. Look for positive quotes and pin them around your house, in places when you’ll see them frequently – on the fridge, next to the bed, anywhere. One of my favorites? “Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb you.”



You probably won’t feel like fighting your way back out onto the dance floor and finding yourself another man – and rebound relationships tend to just cause more harm anyway. But human interaction is important, and we tend to build these things into big events that feel far too tough to actually do. The solution? Get out there. You don’t need to set a hard challenge. Say hi to your postman. Spend half an hour in a local coffee shop, on your own. Meet a friend. Go to the library. Anything that gets you back among people, even if you don’t want to communicate with them yet, will help.


Blow off the Cobwebs…

Set yourself a date in the next fortnight to go and do something new. Sound scary? Of course. Will you want to? Almost certainly not. But it’ll do you the world of good. It’ll get your body working, your hormones flowing, refresh your emotions and give you something else to think about. Go bungee jumping, volunteer somewhere, yacht race, take a photography class. Anything. Break a new personal record and start forging a new you. While you won’t want to have gone out, you’ll be oh-so glad you did.



You will probably find that your head is so full of information and memories about him that everything else is falling out – and that can really set back progress. Remind yourself what you have that isn’t him. Cover your laptop, diary, kitchen, bed, anywhere in things that you love, things that you have to live for and people that love you. Wear your favorite clothes and your best jewelry and eat the meals you love. Remember who you are – all of you.

It probably feels tough now, and I’d bet my life savings that you can’t see a way to feel better. But if you are kind to yourself and you push yourself to follow the steps above, you absolutely can get over a bad relationship. Got a great tip, or just want to share how you feel? Leave a comment.

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Guys stay strong! Tough times don't late, tough people do.

My ex left me after 4 years and an 8 month engagement and found a new gf within weeks. it hurts but I found a man. And we are talking and hope things progress with him :) My ex stalks my twitter somehow and knows about him and now texts and asks to hang out , I really don't get men 0_o

This is very helpful. It seems so easier said than done though...

I really like this!!

This came just in time for me..going through a divorce. Wish me the best!!

What if it's been 6 months?! And I still find myself randomly having shitty days. I was in a five year relationship that ended horribly never got closure and it only took him a month or so to start sleeping with another girl who he is currently dating! I left him and have a successful career and life ahead of me but I still know there's something missing and I just simply miss him..

I was in a 6 year relationship. And the first 4 years were amazing, and I'd fallen in love with him day by day. And the last 2 years were torture. We just weren't the same anymore. We both realized that we didn't have much in common, and that he's been wanting to break up with me for a while. It's hard, to let go, especially since I've never given up on him. And it's even harder once you've fallen hard, because its just more difficult for you to get back on your feet. It took me months to get over him. I did what this article mentioned. I cried, tried to make plans, tried to be positive. But my mind always drifted to thoughts of him. I just didn't lose a boyfriend. I lost a friend, a best friend, a classmate, a coworker, a lover. So here's my tip for all of you heart broken ladies! Don't give up! I promise you that there is someone out there for you, who'll treat you right. And heck, it'll take months, maybe even years, till he finds you. So in the meantime, date, and hang out with friends. Focus on work, or school. Don't ever, ever, think that your life is over. Because when I think back to my dark days, I tried to kill myself. And boy, was that stupid! Ending my life for someone who didn't care about me anymore. I was lucky to have a friend help me get through this. And if you've got nobody, that's a lie. Your family is there, coworkers, and even classmates! So I hope you guys get over your ex, and find someone or even something that brings you greater happiness! ;)

I'm 2 days into a break up. Been with him 18 months which doesn't sound long be I fell for him big time. This last 3 months he's treated me shockingly. We lived together and he kept going off to 'his sisters' to sort his head out then coming back and if I wasn't happy all the time or didn't play by his rules he'd cause a row to go off again. He went for 2 weeks 3 weeks ago came back all was great then again he caused a row over nothing. I'd had enough and told him to move his stuff out but really I still wanted to make it work. He said on Wednesday he wasn't ready for a relationship - what's that all about? He keeps getting in contact and being awkward about picking rest of his stuff up where I just want time to sort myself out pick myself up and out my life back together. Hopefully one day I will do :)

Wish it wasnt so damn hard!

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