10 Different Date Jar Ideas for Couples Who Are Indecisive ...


10 Different Date Jar Ideas for Couples Who Are Indecisive ...
10 Different Date Jar Ideas for Couples Who Are Indecisive ...

A dating jar is basically a jar that you'll fill with popsicle sticks or tiny pieces of paper. Either way, you'll write different ideas on each one. That way, when you and your man can't come to a decision, you can reach your hand into the jar and let fate decide. If you two hate picking places to go on dates and restaurants to eat at, then you're going to love these dating jar ideas:

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Date Ideas

Eiffel Tower, clothing, road, footwear, winter, If you two can never decide on what to do, you should fill a jar with date ideas, like visiting a museum, going to the zoo, playing laser tag, and cooking together. You could even color code them, so that you always pick a date that will work for the particular day. Use red popsicle sticks for summer dates, blue ones for rainy day dates, and yellow ones for sexy dates.


This is a great idea for couples who can never seem to decide what to do for a date night. The jar can be filled with a variety of ideas, from visiting a museum to playing laser tag, and even cooking together. The jar can also be color coded, with red popsicle sticks for summer dates, blue for rainy day dates, and yellow for sexy dates. This is a fun and creative way to keep date night exciting and make sure that there is always something new to try. Plus, it also eliminates the stress of deciding what to do, making it easier to just relax and enjoy the date.


Sex Ideas

sun tanning, photography, human positions, beauty, photo shoot, If you want to shake things up in the bedroom, then you should fill a jar with different ideas. Try writing down new sex positions to try, toys to use, and characters to role play. That way, neither of you will know what's in store for the night. You'll just have to go with the flow and see what happens.


Conversation Topics

sunglasses, eyewear, cap, hairstyle, glasses, If you just want to sit around and talk, but can't think of anything to chat about, then you need a jar like this. Fill it with different subjects, like work, celebrities, politics, animals, and movies. Of course, you can be a little more specific if you'd like and fill the jar with topics like "The Kardashians," "minimum wage," and "gender equality."


Which Show to Watch

human action, person, people, human positions, romance, You don't want to spend an hour searching through Netflix, because you can't figure out what to watch. That's why you should fill a jar with different movies and shows that are available to you. This is another jar that you can color code if you'd like. Make all of the TV shows one color and movies another color. Or, you can organize them by genre and make all of the comedies blue, the romcoms pink, and the documentaries green.


Which Restaurant to Visit

human action, person, eating, meal, sense, The next time you two want to go out to eat, you don't have to struggle to decide on a restaurant that you'll both be happy with. Instead, you can just let the jar decide for you. Of course, when you're coming up with ideas for the jar, don't stick in restaurants that you both hate. Only include the ones that you'd be able to thoroughly enjoy.


What to Cook for Dinner

leg, sense, hand, If you're planning on staying inside for dinner, because you've been to way too many restaurants and fast food joints lately, you can use a jar to decide which meal to cook. Before you head to the supermarket, consult the jar and then buy whatever ingredients that you need. Then you two can cook it together. It'll make for a fun time!


What Game to Play

human action, person, man, male, arm, If you two want to have some fun, you can play a board game or a video game. It's all up to the jar. Let it make the decision for you.


At Home Date Ideas

human action, person, kiss, muscle, mouth, Don't feel like going out? Trying to save money? Can't find a sitter for the kids? Whatever your reasoning, don't let being stuck at home stop you from still dating. There's tons of at home date ideas you can do, and if you can't decide, let the date jar choose! :)


Budget Based Ideas

human positions, sitting, leg, photo shoot, This one is fun. Have separate categories for different free or price range activities. Have ones for say less than $50 and ones for more than $50 for the times you two feel like splurging or celebrating something. Free ideas are always nice too, such as a walk or a hike, because those tend to get extra creative!


Activities That Need Planning

arm, AND, Sometimes even the date jar gets routine, so, for fun, throw in some activities that might require some extra planning beyond the usual 5 minutes, such as a weekend away, camping, or even a day trip a few hours away.

If you hate making decisions, then these dating jars will help you out. Do you have a dating jar?

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Im about to try this. Me and my man are always bored and he agrees this sounds good.

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