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Do You Have Unhealthy Relationship Habits ...

By Vanessa

No matter how long you've been dating someone, there are some habits that are just harder than others to shake off. Sometimes, our emotions get the better of us and lead us to do things that aren't very "girlfriend material." It's not about not trusting your significant other but just dealing with some insecurities you might have. If you've fallen victim to any of the following relationship habits, cut them out!

Table of contents:

  1. Snooping
  2. Unrealistic expectations
  3. Holding a grudge
  4. Keeping score
  5. Being clingy
  6. Airing out your dirty laundry
  7. Comparisons

1 Snooping

Did curiosity really kill the cat? Snooping, in my opinion, is the number one relationship ruiner. Some try and justify their actions but before you know it, you start to overthink EVERYTHING. Snooping will only feed your anxieties and it'll keep you up all night wondering about his texts, emails, phone calls, etc. Stop worrying and have some faith in your significant other.

2 Unrealistic Expectations

Ladies, I get it. I've watched The Notebook too. Unfortunately, there's no real-life Noah out there and let's be real, he set the bar pretty high. Please don't expect your boyfriend to build you a house and write you a letter every day for year. Instead, be happy with the little things he does! When it comes to romance, it's the thought that counts.

3 Holding a Grudge

Arguments are totally normal in a relationship. It means there's passion between the two of you, that you care. It even helps you mature as a couple! But, when your significant other apologizes (and means it), accept it. Or if you don't, don't say that you do. Learn to let things go because it's the only way your relationship can grow. Bringing up past arguments that are STILL bugging you is only going to drive you mad.

4 Keeping Score

Do something nice for your significant other because it makes you happy to see them happy, not because you're expecting them to return the favor. Stop trying to out-do each other because that's NOT what a healthy relationship is about. While you're competing on being the better half of the relationship, you'll miss out on what it's like to be a whole.

5 Being Clingy

As perfect as being together 24/7 sounds, you both need your own space every now and then. It's important to keep growing as an individual and not lose yourself in a relationship. Don't be mad when your significant other wants to hang out with their friends... it just means you'll have more to talk about the next time you see each other!

6 Airing out Your Dirty Laundry

Trust me, your Twitter followers are not interested in knowing that you and your beau are in a fight. Keep private matters private and settle things one on one. No one needs to know that there's trouble in paradise, especially if you're the kind of couple that is constantly fighting/making up.

7 Comparisons

Stop trying to look for things that aren't there. Comparing your significant other to your ex, celebrity crush (I'm looking at you, Ryan Gosling!), etc. will keep you from appreciating what's already in front of you.

Do any of these habits feel familiar to you? Which habit is causing you the most stress in your relationship?

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