7 Relationship Killers to Avoid No Matter What ...


There are some things that are just relationship killers. These are things you want to avoid at all costs. Of course some of these are worse than others, but all of them are things that can bring death to your relationship. If you have any of these relationship killers in your relationship, it is time to start working on changing your habits so your relationship doesn’t end because of them.

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One of the biggest relationship killers is name-calling. Name-calling cuts to the heart of your relationship. It is very hard to reason how the person who loves you can call you names. Yes, it is often done in anger but it is a habit that needs to be broken. Changing this habit gives your relationship a healthier foundation.



Cheating is almost certain death to your relationship. While some couples do manage to work through this issue, they are few and far between. Cheating causes the end of a large percentage of relationships when it occurs in them. If you are tempted to cheat, ask yourself why. If you feel your partner isn’t meeting your needs, that is a topic to talk to them about instead of going elsewhere to get your needs met.


Hidden Insults

Hidden insults hurt. They aren’t kind and with enough of them, they are sure to be relationship killers. Hidden insults are the kinds of things that are said with sarcasm or are hidden in an insincere compliment. An insincere compliment is when the goal is to appear as if you are giving a compliment but you are really insulting someone. These can feel very cutting when they are said to you.



To have a healthy relationship, you need to have honesty. Lies kill relationships. Always choose to be honest with one another even if it is painful. Discuss this and come to an agreement that honesty is what you always want between you. Then appreciate this quality in your partner.


Refusing to Apologize

Here are the facts. In any relationship, there are going to be times when you hurt one another because you are human. After all, no one is perfect. Therefore, it is best to be able to say you are sorry when you do something hurtful toward your partner. It isn’t a shame to say you are sorry. It shows that you care more about the other person than your pride.


Fighting in Front of Others

Here’s some advice about fighting in front of others. Just don’t do it. Not only will this cause you embarrassment as a couple, but it makes you look bad to your friends and family. Of course there may be times that you feel like arguing with your partner in front of others but don’t give in to that temptation. Wait until you are alone before you handle the issue.


Playing the Blame Game

Playing the blame game will not help your relationship and over time, can kill it. There is a really simple solution to this one. Tell your partner clearly what they did to hurt you. Accept responsibility when you are wrong. Expect your partner to do the same.

Have you ever been faced with one of these relationship killers? How did you work past it? Share your experiences in this.

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I have dealt with every one of these. I am happy to say my current relationship has none of those!

Same here! :D

I have just come out of a 2 and a half year relationship where he did all of these

These are great 😱👌

Very nice!

Great list!

Thank u

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