Domestic Violence: What You Can do to Stop It ...

Surveys carried out by the World Health Organization have revealed that somewhere in the region of one-third of women and one-twelfth of men have been the victim of intimate partner violence in their lifetime. If you know someone who you know or suspect is suffering at the hands of a violent abuser, deciding on the action that you take can be a terrible moral dilemma. If you feel you need to do something, here are some steps you can take to stop it from continuing.

1. Be Aware of the Signs

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Anybody can be a victim of domestic violence, regardless of gender, color or creed. Knowing the red flags that indicate that someone you know is being abused in their home is the first step toward eradicating domestic violence from your neighbourhood. Typical characteristics of an abusive relationship include extreme jealousy, one party controlling all financial decisions, physical and psychological intimidation, intentional property damage and blackmail.

2. Do Not Ignore It

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If you suspect that abuse is happening to someone near you, the worst thing that you can do is to ignore it or turn a blind eye. Approaching someone with your concerns about their physical and mental well-being can take considerable courage and is especially difficult when abuse is involved. However, you could really regret not doing so if somebody ends up seriously hurt one day.

3. Offer Moral Support

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Being the victim of abuse can put you in a very lonely place. Make sure to check in regularly with someone who you are concerned about. While they may not feel comfortable with opening up about their situation initially, they are certain to be grateful that somebody is taking notice of what they are going through, and they will take comfort from the fact that they are not completely alone.

4. Find out Where Your Local Shelter is

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Making the decision to leave an abusive partner can be incredibly scary, especially if children are involved. If you know someone who is contemplating leaving to escape an abusive situation, do all you can to research the women’s shelters in the local area. Many of these shelters offer important refuge and make a good first port of call while victims decide what their next move should be.

5. Document Everything That Happens

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In the event that criminal proceedings are brought against an abuser, having everything that you have seen or heard documented as evidence can be the difference between an eventual prosecution and the culprit escaping punishment. Astor Legal are criminal lawyers that have years of experience when it comes to bringing legal cases against perpetrators of domestic abuse and are the best and most discreet law firm in the Greater Sydney area.

Domestic violence is a plague on society that we must all do our utmost to stamp out. If you suspect it is happening to someone you know, do not ignore it. Make sure you follow the steps laid out above sensitively and discreetly to play your part in making sure the victim gets as much support as they require in this difficult time.

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