10 Things You Shouldn't Forget to Thank Your Man for ...


10 Things You Shouldn't Forget to Thank Your Man for ...
10 Things You Shouldn't Forget to Thank Your Man for ...

If you've been with a good guy for a long time, then you're probably used to being treated like a princess. Even though your boyfriend doesn't expect you to thank him for being a decent dude, it's still nice to let him know that you appreciate him. Here are a few basic things that you shouldn't forget to thank your man for:

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Comforting You when You’re Sad

Comforting You when You’re Sad Even though it's 2016, there are still some men who are afraid to express their feelings. Since they're uncomfortable with their own emotions, it shouldn't be surprising that they're even more uncomfortable when other people express their emotions. That's why you should thank your man for being there for you whenever you're sad. Hugging you and telling you it's going to be okay seem like simple tasks, but they're actually hard for some men to do.


Buying You Gifts

Buying You Gifts If your man buys you gifts, just because he loves you, make sure to thank him. Some men don't even remember to buy their girlfriends an anniversary gift. You should be thankful that you have such a sweet man who actually cares about your happiness. He's treating you the way that women everywhere deserve to be treated.


Cooking You Dinner

Cooking You Dinner Some men go from relying on their mothers to relying on their girlfriends. If your man isn't like that, and actually knows how to cook a delicious meal and do his own laundry, you should thank him for the help around the house. Of course, whenever you help out around the house, he should be thanking you, too.


Taking Care of You when You’re Sick

Taking Care of You when You’re Sick When you find out someone is sick, your instincts will urge you to stay far away from them. That's why you should be thankful that your man actually takes care of you whenever you're feeling under the weather. He doesn't have to make you soup and buy you medicine, buy he does, because he loves you and cares about your well-being.


Letting You Have Your Way

Letting You Have Your Way You shouldn't have your way all of the time. Of course, whenever your man gives in and lets you watch what you want to watch or go to the restaurant you want to go to, you should thank him. It's hard to let someone else win an argument.


Spending Time with Your Friends and Family

Spending Time with Your Friends and Family Some men need to be begged and bribed before they agree to spend time with their girlfriend's family. So if your man is the one who always invites your family over, then you should thank him for being so considerate. He wouldn't treat your family like his family unless he really loved you.


Being Generous in the Bedroom

Being Generous in the Bedroom A lot of men are selfish in the bedroom. They don't realize that women are supposed to orgasm as often as they do. That's why you should thank your man for actually treating you like an equal inside of the bedroom. If he's always going down on you and making sure that you feel completely comfortable during sex, thank him by letting him know how much you appreciate him.


For Being as Equally as Weird as You

black and white, photograph, photography, monochrome photography, monochrome, Being weird is fun! But could you imagine if you were the only weird one in the relationship? How boring would that be?! Take the time to thank your man for being his weirdo self and showing you that just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to always act like it.


For Noticing when Something Isn't Right

human action, person, black and white, man, photography, He knows you so well that he can sense when something is wrong. Just knowing that he understands is enough to make you feel better. Be thankful he looks outside of his own problems to make sure you're doing okay.


For Being Himself

hair, hairstyle, Thank, you!, FYEAH, Out of everyone in the world, there's no one else quite like your guy. Letting him know how grateful you are that he is the person he is will bring you even closer together.

Every man should do these basic things. Unfortunately, it's rare to find someone who does. That's why you should be thankful for the man you have. When was the last time you've thanked your man for all of the sweet things he does for you?

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If he would do one of these, i will thank him

This list goes both ways for everything listed.

I'm so thankful I have a man that love's me and cares about me. Had to kiss so many frogs before I found my prince

Yeah I don't have to worry about thanking either!! Such a relief;)

thankful for virtually none of these cos they don't happen -_-

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