10 Behaviors Your Man Finds Controlling and How to Stop ...


10 Behaviors Your Man Finds Controlling and How to Stop ...
10 Behaviors Your Man Finds Controlling and How to Stop ...

Guys view things from a much different perspective than we do. Therefore, your boyfriend may interpret things you do as controlling, even if you don’t intend them that way at all. Knowing what the behaviors are that he finds controlling can help you to avoid a lot of fights in your relationship. If you feel unsure about any of these, ask him to get his input.

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Asking Tons of Questions

person, Girls love details. We want to know all the details on a subject. Guys don’t feel or think this way; for them, getting the main info is enough. When you ask a guy tons of questions, he may feel bombarded or overwhelmed. Chances are, he may not even know the answers to some of the things you’re asking him. Try to ask him the most important questions and let some of the others go.


Remember, it's not an interrogation, it's a conversation. Find a balance that allows for both of you to share and engage comfortably. If you sense he's getting tense, take a breath and reel back the questioning. Instead, listen to what he's saying and respond to that, and you might just find the details you're curious about will come out naturally in his own storytelling.


Dissing His Friends

person, speech, official, Guys feel a close bond to their friends. They aren’t as verbal or showy about it as girls are but they definitely have loyalty within their circles. If he doesn’t ask what you think of a friend, assume he doesn’t want to know. Criticizing them can make him defensive of them which isn’t good for your relationship. If you think about it, you don’t want him bashing your friends, either.


Making Plans without Checking with Him

person, blond, eating, photo shoot, Most guys like when their girlfriend takes the initiative to make plans. They appreciate that they don’t have to think of plans for the two of you to do. But they don’t like to be told what the plans are; they want to be asked for their thoughts. Most of the time they’ll go along with you but they want the opportunity to veto ideas. And on occasion, they’ll give their own ideas which can make for a nice for a change of pace.


Demanding Every Second of His Time

human action, person, nose, mouth, muscle, Guys actually understand this concept better than most girls do. Being together every second isn’t healthy for your relationship. They know you need space to do your own thing and be your own person. Even though you’re a couple, you still need your individuality. This keeps the mystery alive! It also helps make sure you always appreciate the times when you are together.


Being Demanding

face, hair, nose, head, hairstyle, Think about a time when you dealt with a demanding person. How did you feel? Maybe they were trying to get you to do something you didn’t want to do. You might have even wanted to do whatever it was but didn’t appreciate it being demanded of you. That’s how your guy feels if he’s in that situation with you.

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Pushing for More in Your Relationship

person, mouth, finger, glasses, hand, Girls, I promise you’ll find this to be true. If you relax and let your guy have the time he needs, he’ll move the relationship along if he’s truly interested in you. If you’re the one that’s captured his heart, he won’t let you go. He’ll pursue you and express his desire for a commitment. And it’s so much sweeter when you let him set the pace instead of pushing for more.


Chasing Him

person, people, soil, agriculture, interaction, Ladies, don’t do yourself a disservice here. Let him chase you instead of the other way around. Believe in yourself and your value! Most guys prefer things this to be this way. Unsure about that? Ask some of the guys in your life and see what their response is.


Isolating Him

face, man, male, portrait, darkness, When you begin to cut him off from friends and even family, that's when you've crossed the line. It's one thing to suggest a bad friend not be involved out of concern, but when you start isolating them by making yourself the only person they talk to or see, you've crossed a very serious line! You wouldn't like it if it happened to you so don't do it to him.


Threats and Guilt

screenshot, The threats don't have to be ones of physical violence, but when you start saying, "I'm leaving if you don't do this." or "I guess you don't love me for doing that." You're using threats and guilt to get what you want. Saying you'll "take away" privileges such as sex or children or financial support is also a big no-no. You're threatening and guilting him into your behavior and your thinking and that's a form of controlling him.


Snooping on Him

abdomen, Checking his texts while he's in the shower, going through his call log while he's sleeping, monitoring the bank account you two share-yes! All signs of snooping and all things that show you want full control and power. If you can't trust him and have to snoop y'all shouldn't be together. And if you have to violate those privacy boundaries, you have your own issues you need to sort out before he leaves.

These'er 10 behaviors your guy thinks are controlling. Were some of them a surprise to you? Which ones are you guilty of?

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I have NO patience so hard to wait for him to call and text. Makes me feel like I'm not even worthy of a minute of his time. Am I overreacting?

Obviously you're not overreacting

# 7. Whatever you do... Do not chase him! He needs feel like you are a challenge... even after being together for years & years! If anything... Please, Please

all of them. omgggg

@Neecey Beresford thank you 😊

Girls you have the power too, you can't expect prince charming to turn up out of the blue! If you're unsure about your guy just speak up - it doesn't hurt to try! I'm all for girl power 😃 we can have the empowerment too!

And ladies, don't let people push you into staying silent and not taking control. If you want to break out of that patriarch mold and be in charge of your relationship, DO IT. The right man will respect you for it. And if you prefer to let him take the

6 is very important. Learning that now. To be patient

Please suggest me the ways to be happy in our relationship. I want him. I want to make him happy all the time.

If a guy doesn't Pursue you, he is not worth the time.

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