Special Ways πŸ’˜ to Make Easter Romantic 😍 for You and Your Guy πŸ’‘ ...


Easter is a fun time of year that’s generally centered on family celebrations. But it can also be a romantic time if you do these things with your man. There’s no reason you can’t celebrate your love in the midst of this spring holiday. Here are some special **ways to make Easter romantic. **

1. Go on an Easter Picnic

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Easter picnics can be a fun and romantic thing to do with your man. Spring has sprung and all the early spring flowers are coming to life. This gives you a lovely setting to enjoy a picnic. Visit your favorite park with a basket full of your favorite treats and goodies. A lovely setting such as a picnic gives you a great chance to talk and share.

Dye Easter Eggs


Each to their own.. It's just not seen as a day for "romance", whether you are a Christian or not.
since a lot of people aren't religious or are part of a different religion, Easter is seen as a family day! can be fun and romantic. nothing wrong with going on a picnic with your partner! can be fun ...
@kim.. I agree Easter can also be fun, but I think "romantic" was what was just weird.
@ Mack Easter isn't just about religion anymore. Maybe you wouldn't focus on romantic relationships but others might, and it's an excuse to have fun without spending much money. I'm sure it's hard to resist wanting to decorate eggs.
#7 is cute!
#7 is cute!
Not sure Mack! I was really shocked to see such an odd title for an article.. Save it for Valentines Day - just weird.
Exactly Denise! Easter is not the time to focus on our romantic relationships. I didn't even read the article but was attending church mentioned?!
For some reason, I don't see Easter as romantic. I see Easter as a time to mourn the death of our Savior Jesus Christ AND be glorified in HIS resurrection!
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