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Some of the best ways to surprise your loved one include those spontaneous ideas that you think up one random day. Surprises are in essence a lot more stimulating and the emotions associated with surprises range from admiration to delight or anger and frustration even. There’s always someone that inspires you to buy, give, or do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do on a daily basis. Maybe you've just met that special someone and you need some unusual ways to get to their heart or you're looking to rekindle a long-term romance. Here are some ways that will help surprise your loved one and keep them intrigued (whatever the stage of your relationship).

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Men’s Spa Day

What guy wouldn’t feel relaxed after a great massage or salt scrub on their skin? Not every guy is into spas like us ladies, but given half a chance, I think that most guys would enjoy a spontaneous trip to a sauna, or dip into a hot tub. Why not surprise your man with a classic men’s facial, or something more unique designed with men in mind? Spas nowadays offer the latest in treatment therapy and generally have something on offer for our male counterparts.


Sporting Event

Most guys are sports fans (not all, but most are), so treating them to a day out at their favorite sporting event is always a great way to surprise your loved one. Whether it’s buying tickets to your guy’s favorite football team, taking them to a local racecar track, or joining them when they’re playing their next round of golf; choose something that the two of you can do. It would make for a fun day out for both of you!


Buying Something

You’ve planned a trip or excursion away and you’ve just checked the weather and it’s going to be rainy all weekend where you're headed. Why not surprise your guy by purchasing a rain jacket or something that you know he needs but doesn’t currently own? One snag; you have to know your guy really well in order to get his style [and color] choices just right. Alternatively, go on a shopping spree with him and pay for the garment that he’s trying on in the dressing room (before he leaves)!


VIP Tickets

Is your guy into the arts? Does he enjoy music concerts, gigs, comedies or poetry classes? Choose one of your guy’s favorite artists and arrange some back-stage passes for him via websites that specialize in VIP tickets: Backstage Ticket VIP (backstageticketvip.com) is a concert ticket broker that specializes in getting back stage passes for numerous musicians. Or there's Meet & Greet (meetandgreetticket.com) for tour packages and VIP seating experiences. If you can keep it a secret, take your guy out to his fave dinner spot, then surprise him with the VIP tickets.


Fix or Clean Something

I know this isn’t necessarily fun for you, but he’ll certainly appreciate it and it’ll still be a surprise! Whether it’s cleaning his precious car, doing all his laundry (and putting it away afterwards), or simply cleaning his aftershave/toiletry shelf in the bathroom, you're sure to get complimented afterwards. Or you could try fixing something that’s broken, to minimize his to-do list!


Baked Goods

On a similar note, cooking is always a favorite with guys. Why not turn your place into a five star restaurant and arrange a menu, wine list, light some candles, set some music, and prepare your guy’s favorite meal. Afterwards, prepare some dessert (and dancing even)?! Alternatively, bake up some goods unique to your heritage and have them delivered to his work! He’ll love you more for the surprise of it.



Most guys have an adventurous streak and like it when their woman plays into it. Try an impromptu camping trip. Get everything ready in the car, take him on a drive to his favorite hiking spot or somewhere the two of you enjoy. Surprise him by taking out the tent and setting up camp! Or, you could always hire a helicopter for a few hours and explore your local surroundings from new heights.

There are plenty of ideas to choose from and I'm sure you've got some ideas of your own. I'd love to hear your experiences. What are some surprising things you’ve done for your loved one?

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@Prolivic I hear ya! My husband is content with sex and food! Lol

@Carey thank you :) that is nice of you to say.

@Carey that sounds fun. My husband retired from the military over a year ago and after 5 deployments...he's pretty content just being out of the war zone.

My man is not content with sex or food. Lololol. But he loved loved loved it when I took him indoor skydiving. I wanna take him real sky diving this summer.

@Misty, I respect your husband for that!

I think my hubby would prefer if I cleaned/arranged rather than buying him something he might not need.

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