7 Enchanting Ways to Attract a Sagittarius and Make Them Yours ...


Oh how I love the Sagittarius sign, but how do you go about learning to attract a Sagittarius? Well, if your crush happens to be a Sag, I've got all of the top tips that will help you attract a Sagittarius and that will blow his or her mind! Don't worry, they aren't hard, you've just got to be confident, make your Sag-crush feel good and remember exactly how sensitive this particular sign is. Take a look below for more ways to attract your crush!

1. Confidence is Key

Firstly, the top tip for learning to attract a Sagittarius is all going to boil down to your confidence. This particular sign is all about the confidence and they love to see confident people. These are the types of girls and boys that a Sagittarius goes for, so make sure that you appear confident and that you aren't weak-willed around them!

Keep Them Guessing


Delilah S
Sooo true! And this is coming from a Sagittarius!
I'm a Sagittarius and completely agree with all of this. I hate mysteries though... But that's just because I NEED to know the answer so I guess they still attract me? Haha oh well
Alma Christiansen
Spot on, I say. Spot on.
Michelle Atchison
I am a Sagittarius and this couldn't be more right!
Mawu Cruz
My crush is sag and hes definitely all of these. And im doing all these things. And he seems to like me back.....
haha I'm a Sagittarius and all of this is too perfect!
Kavita Bisht
True !!! absolutely being with a Sagittarius have observed all these things.Thank Yew for Sharing!!!
Heather Jensen
Comin' up! :)
I am a sagittarius this is totally me!
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