7 Extremely Important Things Every Couple Should Stop Doing ...


7 Extremely Important Things Every Couple Should Stop Doing ...
7 Extremely Important Things Every Couple Should Stop Doing ...

If you’ve recently realized that your relationship isn’t as happy and fulfilling as it once was, then you should be wondering about the things both of you are doing wrong, things every couple should stop doing and you should especially consider the things you can improve in your relationship. I’m sure you already know that love isn’t about finding the right person. It is about trying to make your relationship work despite all that might go wrong. Every successful relationship requires a lot of patience, commitment and especially, honesty. I also believe that there are a few important things every couple should stop doing if they want to improve the quality of their relationship. Just read on and find out what those things are.

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Trying to Get Even

In my opinion this is one of the most important things every couple should stop doing. I know that you may feel hurt sometimes because of something that your partner did, but you should know that revenge isn’t the best way to solve a conflict and it will definitely not help your relationship heal. If your better half made a mistake, talk about it, find out the reasons behind his (her) actions and if it turns out that they never intended to hurt your feelings, try to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is one of the major ingredients in every successful relationship.


Being Too Busy to Spend Time with Each Other

I know how busy everyone is now days and how much everybody needs to work in order to be able to support themselves and also provide to their families. But, even if sometimes you feel like you don’t even have enough time for yourself, let alone for your partner, try to organize your schedule, learn how to manage your time more efficiently and always make time for the one you love. In those moments, give your partner your full attention, be present and don’t think about everything that worries you, about what you have to do the next day at work or what are you going to cook for dinner. Spend time with your better half and you’ll see how all those worries will magically go away.


Forgetting to Compliment Each Other

I know you feel comfortable with your partner (and you should feel this way); after all he (she) is the only person in the world that knows you best. But, even though you think your loved one already knows how you feel about them, it doesn’t hurt if you would remind them more often how special they are or how much you love them. Compliment your partner more often! Say something nice to them every single day, no matter how tired or busy you might be and then prove them your beautiful words are true.


Wanting to Always Be Right

This tip is a bit related with the first one because by always wanting to be right means that you don’t accept the fact that your other half is a different person, that he (she) has their own opinion and that sometimes their opinion might hurt you, but that doesn’t mean that you always have to prove them wrong, especially if you aren’t, in fact, right. Express your opinion in a polite manner and respect your partner’s point of view, even if you don’t agree with it.


Hiding Problems Form Each Other

I know that out of love, you may always be tempted to try to protect your partner because you don’t want to see them upset and this might make you hide a few problems or difficulties you might be facing at work or even some personal issues. You should never do that. Just allow your partner to be there for you, to be able to help and support you. Even though the things you’re going through might make him (her) feel sad, they might even be sadder if they didn’t have the chance to do something to help you smile again. Remember that you’re not alone and you partner might definitely make things more easy for you.


Hiding Flaws from Each Other

Everyone has flaws and nobody’s perfect but I’m sure you already know this. If you think you always need to hide your flaws because you might scare your partner or you fear you might even lose him (her), I must tell you that you might be mistaken. By always trying to hide your little imperfections, you won’t give your partner the chance to truly know you and to decide for himself (herself) if those so called imperfections are not in fact features that make you interesting and unique.


Resisting Compromise

Every relationship takes a lot of time, effort and hard work in order to be fairy-tale perfect. You should be both working on it equally and you should know that sometimes you’ll have to make some compromises or small concessions in order to solve a few conflicts that may appear along the way. Don’t let your stubbornness get in the way and find a solution that will work best for both of you. Learn to cooperate and don’t resist compromise out of pride! Do what’s best for your relationship, thus for yourself!

The happiest and healthiest relationships do require a lot of work and a great deal of patience. Every couple has their ups and downs and everyone has to face different obstacles that might get in the way of their happiness as a couple. It’s really important to take responsibility for your actions and especially for your words and to try to solve all the conflicts that may occur in your relationship. Do you know any other important things every couple should stop doing? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section!


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Misspelled #5

I'm in a new relationship now and all seems to be going well.. These are some good tips and I also believe experience is the best teacher. Experience helps you to teak things as you go along .. The important thing here is to recognize when your relationship is a Healthy one and if it becomes unhealthy..

There so true! I think to everyone need to use this guide to appreciate their significant other. They deserve to feel appreciated after all

love love love. so right. guilty. as charged

very true. i love this!

What do you do if your boyfriend would not call unless you call him?

This is all so true! <3

nice advice..i really need to read, coz i know i'm a great problem to our relationship. i 'm a very jealous girlfriend

I wish I could practice these ...really good...thanks

im so inlove with my bf whom i know lies and cheat me :'(

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