7 Common Relationship Fights That Are Ruining Your Relationship ...


Are you aware that most of the fights you have are common relationship fights? Most fights tend to fall into one of these categories and if left unchecked, they can ruin your relationship. If you realize that your fights are common relationship fights, then you may be able to see them coming and stop them in their tracks. Let’s see how many fights you have that fall into one of these categories.

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Fights over Money

Fighting over money is one of the common relationship fights that people have. The reason why is that money is a very volatile subject. We all have different views on it. We think differently about how to spend it, invest it and save it. Trying to see your partner’s view point can help you out here. Try to be open-minded when they are sharing their thoughts on money.


Fights over in-laws

Fighting over in-laws is another area of common relationship fights. Why does this happen? To be truthful, we don’t love our in-laws the way we love our own family of origin because they aren’t our family of origin. Remembering that our spouse loves them differently than we do can be helpful. Not letting people get under your skin can be helpful, too.


Fights over Jealousy

Jealousy starts a lot of fights. Some of them are valid but many of them are not. That is the question to ask yourself before you allow a fight to start. Is there really a valid issue or do you yourself have an issue? Many times that is the case.


Fights over Nothing

Any couple that has been together for more than a couple of years has had a fight over nothing. You know the kind I am talking about. You get in a fight over something so trivial that you cannot even remember what it started over in the first place. Realizing that this sort of fight usually starts because of underlying tension can help you to avoid the next one. Sometimes it helps to remind yourself that you are on the same team.


Fighting over Parenting Differences

Parenting can certainly bring your difference to the forefront, can’t it? We all have different views on parenting. They often come from how our own childhood was, as well as our set of values. An important point to remember here is to not discuss your differences in front of your children. Be sure to do that behind closed doors.


Fighting over Bad Habits

Oh, this one must happen in every relationship if they endure long enough. You end up fighting over things like not picking up dirty clothes or leaving cabinet doors open. These things really are not worth the fight. It is a better option to quietly talk to your partner about them when you are both calm and reasonable. Picking your time is important here.


Fighting over Household Chores

Here is a piece of advice for the unmarried folks reading along. Discuss this subject before you get married. Talk about who will do what in the future. It can help avoid a lot of fights. For those already married, it can still be something that you discuss rather than fight over.

Many fights we have are issues that are commonly fought over. What do you think? Do most of your fights fall into one of these categories?

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Ugh number 4

Christ I'm either doing something wrong or right I've never had a fight in my life with my husband!

Pfff... The only fights I do not know concern children, since I have none. I am glad I am single!

#1 and #2 amen

#3 & #4

#4.. Strongly agree

Yes!! Number 2 def is a factor in my relationship. The bf's mom is constantly telling us what to do, how to live our life... It is very irritating!!

3, extremely jealous 😫 get over it! Blows things out of proportion. Been together for three years and gets mad because I follow an ex from FIVE years ago on ig. 😪😒

2 is international common problem,

Almost all

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