How to Stop Being Your Boyfriend's Doormat for Girls Who Feel Unappreciated ...


How to Stop Being Your Boyfriend's Doormat for Girls Who Feel Unappreciated ...
How to Stop Being Your Boyfriend's Doormat for Girls Who Feel Unappreciated ...

A relationship involves two people, but sometimes, it can seem like one is always in control. Being the one who gets walked all over is not cool and also not fair. Luckily, there are some things you can do to quit being such a pushover.

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Set Boundaries🙅

audience, singing, nightclub, singer, singer songwriter, If you find that you say “yes” to every request your BF makes, pause. You shouldn’t be afraid to say “no” when you need to. We all have our own lives. Go out on Thursday’s with your friends and let him find other plans. A healthy relationship respects these boundaries.


Dial It Back👈

black and white, person, child, toddler, monochrome photography, It can be easy to want to do everything perfectly for someone. Healthy relationships don’t expect perfection though. If you stress yourself out about how your BF might react to something, then you’ll create tension in the relationship. Do your best and don’t just give of yourself with nothing in return. It goes both ways.


Speak up🗣

hair, clothing, cap, hairstyle, fashion accessory, If your man says something that hurts your feelings or did something that bothered you: say something about it. We’ve all let little things slide from time to time, but if it is an area of concern, you should be able to speak up. A caring BF will take the time to hear things from your point of view.


Stop Apologizing🤐

not, apologizing, Okay, so we don’t mean stop saying sorry forever. If you’re constantly using the ‘s’ word, though, try to cut it back to when it’s only necessary. This means only saying it when you really did something wrong: not when it was something out of your control (or something he really did)!


Cut the Self-deprecation🚫

interaction, You, you, smart, you, We all make jokes from time to time to poke fun at ourselves. Doing this constantly negatively impacts not only you, but also the relationship. It can make you less confident in yourself and also display insecurity to your man, which usually isn’t very attractive.


Fight Jealousy👿

hair, human hair color, face, red, black hair, It can be super easy to feel jealous in relationships, especially if we’ve had trust issues in the past. It’s one thing to get upset for good reason, but if he says hi to the cashier at the grocery store, there should be no reason to say something.


Make Things Clear👌

screenshot, interaction, Nobody likes it when someone dances around a subject. Getting straight to the point in a conversation is always appreciated and will make you feel like you’re taking charge. Be honest about what you want. Your guy probably isn’t a mind reader.

These are just some ways that hopefully empowered you to take charge 👊 and stop being a pushover. Being confident in yourself and living your own life is the key to a successful relationship. Any other tips? Share them in the comments.

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