9 Gift Ideas for Your Husband for Any Occasion ...


9 Gift Ideas for Your Husband for Any Occasion ...
9 Gift Ideas for Your Husband for Any Occasion ...

Are you at your wit's end trying to think of gift ideas for your husband? I know I’ve been there, no matter the occasion it can sometimes be difficult to shop for that special man in your life. Some tips that may help with gift ideas for your husband are, paying attention to items or things that he’s eyeing or keeps mentioning, as well as having him keep a wish list on Amazon or his favorite websites. But just to help you get those gears turning, here are 9 gift ideas that I think will be sure to please the hubsters.

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Tickets I bet my bottom dollar that your guy is a fan of some type of sport, or maybe he’s a music aficionado. Going to an event to see it happening live has to be one of the BEST gift ideas for your husband. If his favorite team is coming in town or to a nearby town, this is the best time to snag a couple of tickets for the two of you or, if you are not a fan, for him and a buddy. Maybe the local radio station is giving away tickets to his favorite band's concert that will be in town, so call in to win! He’ll be thrilled that you took the time to win them and hey, that sounds like a date night to me!


Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting My husband is a HUGE fan of this gift. Going to a beer tasting at a local brewery is the perfect gift for those beer connoisseurs. No local breweries to choose from? No problem, there are several websites that offer monthly subscriptions to have a variety of beer delivered each month for sampling. Some websites that you might try are beermonthclub.com or craftbeerclub.com Bottoms up!



Golf Buy your guy a round of golf. Say "I love you" with 18 holes of good ole golf! If you are a golfer too then make it a date, or buy 2 rounds and have a buddy join him! Hey while we are at it, if his clubs are getting a little rusty, a new set of clubs would also be a great gift idea.


Something for You

Something for You Yep, that’s right I said, something for Y.O.U. What guy doesn’t like to see his lady in something, black, lacy, and only for the bedroom?! You get my drift. Pick up a nice piece of negligee and hey maybe even some matching boxers for him. Make it fun for you too! *wink wink*


Clothes, Shoes and Essentials

Clothes, Shoes and Essentials If your guy is all about looking, smelling and feeling good, then shop for him. Pick up his favorite cologne or body wash. See a great shirt for him or the perfect pair of shoes to go with his best suit - hook him up. There are also online subscriptions for menswear and essentials like birchbox.com and manpacks.com that offer several options for choosing the perfect gift for the hubby.


Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway Whether it’s the two of you or a weekend with the just the guys, getting away is a great gift. Make all of the plans, down to the last detail and surprise him. He gets a mini vacay and doesn’t have to stress over the arrangements. Hey, I would like this gift for myself (makes hint to my own husband) but that’s an entirely different post.



Gadgets Have a techie on your hands? Well this is an easy one. Pay attention to any gadgets or electronics he’s been eyeing or, if he has them all, then accessories for his toys would be the way to go. iTunes gift cards are a great idea as well as some cool new apps for him to play with on his device(s).


Boudoir Photos

Boudoir Photos This may be a little out of your comfort zone, BUT this is a sure to please gift. Have you ever noticed that on the days that you are looking your absolute worst, your husband still thinks that you are the most beautiful girl in the world? We as women can be extra critical of ourselves while our men just love us the way we are, flaws and all. Search around for a reputable photographer that specializes in boudoir sessions and meet with them to discuss the details, as well as make sure that you are comfortable with the photographer. I mean if you’re going to be in your skimpies for the majority of the session and you are not comfortable with the person photographing you, the pictures will definitely show it. So let it all hang out… well not all of it but you know what I mean! Just get outta your head and have fun. Think about how happy your hubs will be every time he looks at those photos.


You Yes Y.O.U

You Yes Y.O.U Spending quality time alone with his favorite gal has to be the most important gift to a husband. Schedule a day for just the two of you to be together. You don’t have to make plans to go anywhere or do anything, just enjoy the company of one another. Don’t you remember how it was before the kids, the mortgage, house work and other obligations? There was time to just BE together. If the circumstances allow, maybe this could be a regular thing, eh?!

These are only a few gift ideas for your husband. I hope that this will inspire some new gift giving for the two of you! What gift ideas do you recommend?

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