7 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Married ...

By Lyndsie

7 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Married ...

There are lots of reasons not to marry when that’s your thing. Some people want to get married, and that’s awesome. If you decide you’re not getting married, that is also awesome. It all comes down to personal preferences, wants, desires, choices, and ideologies. More and more people are making the decision to forego marriage. While it’s not the right choice for everyone, it’s important for you to know that it’s okay, and it’s important for others to respect that decision. Here are a number of reasons not to get married; maybe they’ll help you decide!

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You’re Happy Single

If you’re single and happy, that’s one of the best reasons not to marry. You might be content just the way you are, and that’s great! Marriage might not be for you, or it might not be the right choice at this stage of your life. Whether you choose to remain single forever or just for right now, enjoy your singledom!


You Choose Not to

An increasing amount of couples simply choose not to marry. They might have a political reason not get married. For instance, a lot of couples simply can’t be married, so others pledge that they won’t until every couple is allowed, in a show of solidarity. Others are in committed relationships that work just fine the way they are, without any paperwork, so to speak. There are many reasons people make the choice not to be formally married.


You’re Not Ready

You might not be ready for marriage. After all, it’s an enormous commitment. It’s vital to be emotionally mature, mentally ready, and financially sound, just for starters. Perhaps you haven’t yet met The One, or maybe you can’t decide whether you actually want to get married or not. Either way, it definitely pays to wait until you’re 100 percent ready, even if that comes years down the line.


You Don’t Believe in It

Some people decide they’re not getting married because they don’t believe in the institution. They might feel that it’s unfair toward women, they might view it as an obligation, or they might not be comfortable or agree with the religious aspect of many formal settings. Regardless, if you don’t believe in marriage, you obviously don’t want to take the plunge.


You Don’t Believe in Monogamy

There are many reasons not to marry which involve the ideology of marriage itself. For example, there are subcultures which don’t agree with monogamy. They don’t think it’s natural, or it could be a religious decision. As a result, if you feel this way, you may decide on an alternative route – or not! Either way, this is your lifestyle choice and if it makes you happy, then it’s a great reason.

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You’re Pregnant

This might be controversial, so let me preface it by saying that this won’t hold true for everyone. The decision to stay single or get married if you get pregnant is intensely personal. However, if your belief system, religion, or general philosophy makes allowances for this, then remember that you don’t have to get married just because you’re having a baby. If you don’t think you really have a future with the baby’s father, if the relationship isn’t good, or if you aren’t really in love, don’t feel like you absolutely have to marry him.


You Feel Pressured

Finally, don’t let anyone pressure you into marriage. Do you have relatives who constantly ask when you’ll be getting married? Are your friends are applying unconscious pressure? Are your parents or your partner are trying to push you down the aisle? Stand your ground if it doesn’t feel right for you. again, you have to be ready.

These are just some of the most common reasons not to marry. They may be true for you or you might have your own very personal, individual reasons. It all comes down to personal choice. The most important thing is that you’re happy. If you’re not getting married, let us know why. If you are, please share your thoughts as well!

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You don't need to be married to be happy! I think that being unmarried, you have more independence and you can do what you want.

Marriage is probably the last thing I think about. I think it has to do with the way I was raised. I was not a member of the church all of my life, so the importance of being married and creating a family has not been on the top three things to do in our household. My mom and dad of course are married. My mother saw the importance of getting married in the eyes of god. Once in a while I do day dream of the day I get married, but never getting married soon, my reasons are : In the Latino culture, or from my experience, I have seen many young women abused or mistreated because they got married to soon. Many do not have college degrees and are either not working or work in a low level job. That is not the path my father wants me to take. He wants me to have a degree and rise above the status quo. If I am ever to get married it will be after I have obtained my college degree, it is a security for my wellbeing in the real world. Marriage is a beautiful thing, as I ponder more about it, you are sharing life and all eternity with the person you love. I think that it’s important to know who you are going to marry and to pray about it, because it would be a shame to see a marriage fall apart due to false intentions. Marriage is sacred in my eyes and I do not want to take that for granted. Maybe someday I will find my soul mate. When I do, I wish that he is able to respect me , and I respect him, love me as I would love him and basically support each other and share each other's pains and gains

#8 Your ten year high school reunion is coming up.

A really good reason not to get married is realising you identify with the lead picture of the girl in her wedding dress lying on a railroad track.