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7 Healthy Habits to Have in Your Relationship ...

By Vanessa

Every relationship is different. However, there are a few healthy habits that EVERY relationship should have! It's all about communicating and making sure the two of you remain on the same page. If you can think of any other healthy habits to have in a relationship, make sure to share it in the comments!

1 Communication

What's more important than communication? Without it, a relationship is doomed! A healthy habit to have in your relationship is to vocalize your feelings. Say "I love you," give compliments, and just stay in synch. Of course, you also have to be able to talk about the bad. If something's bothering you, you should feel free to bring it up so the two of you can talk through it! Communication makes for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

2 Spending Quality Time Together

If both of you have busy schedules, make sure you both make time for each other. It's all about quality over quantity; make the time you spend together worth it! Find time to engage with each other and really make sure you're connecting.


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3 Having Time Apart

This might sound a bit contradictory to #2 but hear me out! As important as together-time is, alone-time is just as crucial. You can't lose yourself in your relationship; you have to be able to be your own person outside of it. Have your own hobbies and interests- something that makes you feel happy and helps you maintain your independence!

4 Picking Your Battles

Keep in mind that you and your partner are on the SAME team. It's not you vs. him! Therefore, you shouldn't feel like everything's an argument. I mean, do you really want to start a fight over who gets control of the TV remote tonight? There are definitely arguments to be had in every relationship but when it comes to stuff like this, make sure to pick your battles!

5 Don't Compare Your Relationship

It's SO easy to compare your relationship to something you think is "better." Whether you're comparing it to one of your friends' relationships or an epic romance from a Nicholas Sparks novel, you have to remember that every relationship is different. Yours is unique and works for you so stop worrying about the relationships that aren't yours!

6 Showing Appreciation

Often times, we take the people we love for granted. We don't do it on purpose but it definitely happens! We assume that the ones we love already know how much we love and appreciate them and though that might be true, it's important to show your love and appreciation as often as you can! It feels good to know that your efforts are being recognized, right? So, if your partner does something sweet for you, thank him.

7 Sex

Sex is definitely an important part of any relationship. It's a way to really connect to your partner and a special way of being intimate! Keeping things interesting and "spicing it up" every now and then is crucial for maintaining an exciting sex life and, in turn, an exciting relationship!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven (out of many) healthy habits to have in your relationship. Do you practice these habits in YOUR relationship? Can you think of any other habits that healthy relationships should have? Feel free to share them all in the comments!

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