Here's How Technology Can Ruin Your Relationship ...


Technology is a marvelous tool that can make a positive difference to our daily lives. But it can also present a problem if you spend more time paying attention to your phone than your partner. So many people seem to be permanently glued to their phone, and prefer updating their social media accounts than talking to their other half. Here are some ways in which technology can ruin your relationship …

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Taking Your Phone out

Every time I pass a café (and there are many of them where I live), I see couples sitting outside. And they're not talking to each other - they're both looking at their phones! If you and your partner don't pay attention to each other, how do you expect the relationship to thrive? Put your phones away when you go out, or better still leave them at home.



It's become very common for people to overshare on social media, and post far too many intimate details of their lives. Consider how your partner feels about that. They might not be too happy if you're telling your friends and the world at large about things that they'd rather were kept private …


Online 'Friends'

Some people think that talking intimately to someone online isn't cheating, because you're not physically with them. I don't agree. If you have friends online that you're a bit too friendly with, it's going to affect your relationship. Flirting with anyone else online isn't acceptable, so don't cross the line or allow anyone else to do so.



Are you having trouble sleeping? Many people now are finding that they're spending so much time on their phones and other devices that it affects their sleep patterns. They can't resist checking their phone before going to sleep, or looking at it whenever it bleeps. This has a negative effect because of the light that devices emit. Don't use your phone or tablet within at least 30 minutes of going to bed.



If one of you is into gaming, you could be spending a lot of time playing on your Xbox or Playstation. Perhaps this isn't such a problem if you're both gamers, as you can play together (but don't be too competitive!). But if one of you isn't so keen, you could feel neglected as your partner spends hours playing games.


Feeling Neglected

We've become so hooked on using technology that it's a part of our daily lives. It's hard to imagine even a day without it. But tech can lead us to waste far too much time on unimportant things, while neglecting what really matters. Your partner could be resentful that you'd rather spend time looking at your phone than give them your full attention.



The nature of online communications is such that it's very easy to misunderstand someone's meaning. A message can be misunderstood and cause offence when none was intended. So there is a risk that one of you will be upset at something the other says because you don't realise they mean it as a joke.

Technology has its advantages; it allows easy communication, and can be a brilliant tool. But it can also get in the way of intimacy and cause problems between couples. Don't allow it to take over your life. Are you addicted to your phone?

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Me and my boyfriend both have social networks but when we are around each other we hardly pay our phones attention.

Totally agree with this 100%!! My bf an I used to have all the social network stuff but after a year of us not being on any of it our relationship has been so much better! Love this!

It seems like every time I'm with my significant other he's got his phone out. This is so unhealthy for any relationship!

My fiancè and i had to delete our social networks because she just will not stop flirting with other ppl and will never pay me any mind. so i gave her an ultimatum, social networks or me.

You also forgot the last seen function !

My husband has the same habit of been addicted to his phone,and he hates seen me online chatting,,,,,,

Very well said Alison!

My other half is always on his computer

Yezzzzzzzz thank you for making thissss. lololl I work at a restaurant and I always see couples coming in, not even talking, just on their phones the whole times and I'm like " fuhuuunnnn omgg"

I hate it. The phone thing. I don't mind so much when we're home just relaxing, but we'll go out to dinner, and I don't pay attention to my fone to begin with, and I'll be sitting there watching him on his fone. I can usually keep his attention for awhile but he'll drift back into it. It's the same with being out with friends

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