Here Are the Reasons You Are an Asshole Magnet for Girls Who Can't Figure It out ...


Here Are the Reasons You Are an Asshole Magnet for Girls Who Can't Figure It out ...
Here Are the Reasons You Are an Asshole Magnet for Girls Who Can't Figure It out ...

Do you find yourself constantly ending up with people in your life that are...well, assholes? I'm right there with you! Sometimes it just happens two times too many, we've had had enough of these assholes and all we want is to find genuine guys who are going to treat us right! 😊 💑 ✨

Before that, however, consider the factors below which could explain why you only ever see an array of assholes around you, and use it to start attracting those who matter! ❤️ 💕 💖

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You're Emotionally Vulnerable

person, conversation, iam, sharing, feelings, Are you someone who finds it fairly easy to open up about your feelings and lay your cards down on the table all at once? Don't worry - I'm like this too!

Although this is a mostly great thing to be able to do, it can also one reason why you could be attract guys that are assholes as they may see this and choose to take advantage!


Being emotionally open is a double-edged sword. While sincerity is undeniably appealing, it also makes you an easy target for those who might not have the best intentions. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve, but it's vital to remember that not everyone deserves a front-row seat to your vulnerability. It's a powerful trait that should be cherished, so make sure to share your inner self with people who recognize and respect your emotional depth. Remember, just because you can dive deep, doesn't mean you should do so without looking for the warning signs.


You Lack Confidence

MTV, nightclub, audience, musical theatre, screenshot, Unfortunately, having self-confidence isn't always as easy it sounds for some of us. Anyone who has insecurities and sometimes low self-esteem will be able to relate to this all too well! And it gets worse: a lot of guys are able to sense this and very well might use it as a way to bring it down even further.

We should be with guys who want us to be confident about ourselves, not someone who's going to try to make us feel worse about ourselves, right?!


You're Perceived as a Possible Pushover

hair, person, image, blond, hairstyle, Even though you may just think you're a super nice person (and I'm sure you are!), others - like assholes - can sometimes interpret this as someone who's just a pushover and nothing more.

Since we're never going to be able to change nasty people like this, it might be worth considering ways to make yourself a bit more of a tough cookie, just for the sake of not getting hurt in the future as well as to make sure others don't get the pushover impression from you!


You're Guilty of Being Gullible

hair, face, black and white, photography, beauty, Believing everything you hear or everything someone tells you is a sure way to end up in a relationship where you're taken advantage of or even manipulated.

Assholes are pros at spotting someone who's more on the gullible side and will use this against you to get what they want as well as use it as a way to subtly gain control over you.


You Accept Booty Calls

photomontage, album cover, mythology, Alright,, bye!, Most girls will know what it means when you only ever hear from him late at night but he ignores you basically every other time you try talking to him...two words: booty call!

If you try to give him the benefit of the doubt, he will misinterpret this and take it to mean that you don't mind being a booty call since you're giving him the attention he wants.

Resist the urge to text back late at night if he's obviously wasted and only ever looking for a good time, ladies!


You Accept That He's an Asshole

screenshot, like, him., Some guys don't think they're assholes and other guys know it but don't care enough to change. Either way, if you try to justify his actions as a way of accepting him the way he is, you're only going to become accustomed to this kind of guy in the future and it will be more difficult for you to recognise someone who's genuinely not an asshole from those who are!


You Don't Believe Your Desirable

Justcloud, black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, monochrome, If you don't think your attractive or desirable and you often voice this to others, assholes will be quick to see you as someone who doesn't value herself and this is how they can be masters at sensing your insecurities. You shouldn't ever have to convince yourself that you can't do better than these assholes, because I assure you, you can and you shall!

You should never have to settle for less than what you deserve, so now's the time to kick those assholes to the kerb and start attracting good, genuine gentlemen! ❤️ 💕 💖

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@Anna500 we need to throw away these traits to attract mr right and not mr wrong.

@Gaby_ thanks! Easy mistake to make 😊

@Mabelle absolutely! Positive happy vibes only ☺️❤️⭐️

Sorry to be that person, but 'you are': you're not your. Besides that, good article.

I cant believe people waste their time on this bull***t✍✍

I am guilty of at least 6 of those.

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