7 Reasons Men Can't Resist a Damsel in Distress ...

By Alicia

7 Reasons Men Can't Resist a Damsel in Distress ...

Men cannot resist a damsel in distress. How many times do you know of a man leaving a woman who was in need of rescue? I do not personally know of any. Most men, at least those who have any feeling at all, will not leave a damsel in distress. They will rescue her as quickly as possible and do what they can to set her world back to rights.

1 They Don’t like to See Women’s Tears

If you don’t already know this secret, take my word for it. A woman’s tears can be a man’s undoing. Most men will do anything in their power to make those tears disappear. Now, I don’t believe we should ever use tears as a ploy to play our men. They will eventually be able to discern your sincerity and will be deeply hurt when they discover your hidden motives. But true, sincere tears can and will motivate a man to rescue a damsel in distress as soon as he possibly can.

2 They Want to Be a Hero

Men want to be a hero and there is nothing wrong with this. It is this very drive that pushes men to lay down their lives in protection of others and we should admire this about them. When a man encounters a damsel in distress, the drive to be her hero kicks in and he goes to work to fix whatever is wrong. This is especially true when it is the woman he loves. It is a very wise woman that realizes this about her man and appreciates this quality.

3 They Naturally Have the Instinct to Protect

Men naturally have the instinct to protect. It is in their DNA and if you truly look at nature, you will see it there, too. Men are naturally bigger and stronger than women are. Nature has designed men to be the dominant one in the relationship, although we ladies tend to forget that from time to time. This instinct to rescue a damsel in distress is the same instinct that drives him to go downstairs when you hear a noise in the middle of the night.

4 Men Are Fixers

We all know that men are fixers. When they see a problem, they can totally zone in and be overly focused until they find a solution. This quality is also what makes them want to rescue a damsel in distress. They see the problem in her situation and want to find the solution for it. It is a challenge that they want to tackle and overcome.

5 Men Want Admiration

It is a proven fact that men want admiration and praise. They will go to great lengths to get it, too. Men can be motivated with admiration and praise on the job or in their personal relationships. Rescuing a damsel in distress practically guarantees that they will receive admiration. I remember admiring my husband very much just recently when he rescued me from being broken down by the side of the road.

6 They Have a Soft Heart

I will tell you ladies a secret. Men will never, ever respond well to your anger. They will respond well to your vulnerability and a damsel in distress is very, very vulnerable. A woman that is in tears appeals to a man’s soft heart. This is another reason they cannot help rescuing a damsel in distress.

7 They Love That We Need Them

While men will gladly help any damsel in distress because of the sheer fact that they are men, they want to help their very own damsel in distress even more. Men love knowing that the woman in their life needs them to come along and rescue them when they find themselves in a difficult situation. And let’s be honest, ladies. We love when our men rescue us, don’t we? I know I love my very own knight in shining armor.

I would love for you to weigh in on this topic with me. What do you think? Am I on target?

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Vert true! Thank god for the good guys out there!

Beautiful article and amazing topic. It's very true and I really am blessed by this


I need some advice...... My best friend is a. Guy and he loves me but he don't date what do I do?

Is it wrong to not let the man know how much you really do need him either physically or around the house? I don't want to look so needy :(

I've never met a man that fits this description. They all seem like they are afraid of everything. I'm usually the one that gets up when things go bump in the night.

So much true. Amazing article

I completely agree with you Dalene.... Often I find they are the damsels ...... Which is a major turn off. Having said that I know I am strong willed and focused too.... Hmmm perhaps I need to be a little more expressive about my vulnerability....... Though not convinced men in my radar will be able to deal..... Hmmm

My husband is only number 7. He thinks he's too good.

I am the ultimate damsel in distress. Men love it.

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