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Inspiring Tips for How to Build the Perfect Relationship ...

By Madlen

How to build the perfect relationship is something that all girls wonder about from time to time (or all of the time). In all phases of our lives, we all dream of that perfect relationship we want to be in.

We plan everything in our minds and convince ourselves that if we are in a relationship, this is how it will all work. Here is where most of us fail, because, let me break it down for you, however hard you try to fix things in a relationship in order to make it perfect, it won't be.

The image of a perfect relationship for most girls is that their partners should declare their love by describing their feelings. Guess what? That's nonsense.

In reality, when you're at the beginning of your relationship it may seem a bit boring, because all you do all day is Q&A. You are trying to explain things about yourself to your partner and vice versa. This is the perfect way to get to know each other and avoid misunderstandings later in your relationship.

There may be things your partner won't like about you - be it your character, your appearance, your behavior in some ways, but here is the solution. If you really want to be in a perfect relationship you should ask which things are bothering your partner and vice versa.

This is how you'll avoid trust issues later. And if both sides want to be in a perfect relationship and check their love for each other they should by all means be honest and talk about everything they want.

This is how the perfect relationship is built, on the foundation of honesty and not on the everlasting love stories, which in the end turn out to be complete nonsense.

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