Why Living Together Will Help Your Relationship Survive ...

By Reem

Why Living Together Will Help Your Relationship Survive ...

There are very good reasons to live together before marriage. Growing up in Asia, cohabitation has always been a sensitive topic. Nonetheless, for those who believe that living together before marriage is a crucial decision, can we at least agree that cohabitation isn’t the biggest crime in the world? In fact, from a personal perspective, I think couples who decide to try cohabitation are ensuring an important step toward a marital commitment. This is so important because once you decide to move in together, it is no more about you or them as individuals, but about you as a couple. Here are the 7 benefits of living together before marriage.

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Know if You’re Ready for Marriage

pink, clothing, purple, human hair color, shoulder, No matter how mature we believe we are, we are always thrown into fallacies. Marriage can be a fallacy. By cohabitating, you’ll discover your relationship statues and plans. Upon this, you’ll recognize if you’re ready to get married or if being single is the best solution.


Explore Your Partners Habits

shoulder, outerwear, jacket, fashion, textile, The great thing about living together before marriage is that it gives you the opportunity to learn about your partner’s daily activities and habits. Girls, are you okay to watch your man moving from one room to another in his boxers and a slice of pizza in his hand? Or even playing video games all day long or invite his friends for dinner without telling you? These are no fixed man attitudes, but if you see yourself creating any sort of X in his day-to-day routine, then it’s time to think twice.


Learn about Responsibilities

skin, beauty, rose family, romance, love, Once you move in together, you should decide on the household chores. Each one of you should have a specific job inside the house regardless of your jobs outside. Whose going to wash the dishes, clean the bedroom, buy groceries and many more… Most importantly, you’ll get to know if your partner is able to fulfill his household responsibilities or not. Also, you’ll know if you’re comfortable with your responsibilities or not as well.


Discover if You’re Financially Compatible

supermarket, product, retail, grocery store, girl, All of a sudden, when you live together, his money and your money officially becomes the money of both of you. Does your partner pay bills on time, late, or never? Does he have any saving habits? Is he financially stable or does he spend his money on unnecessary stuff?


Learn How to Solve Problems

hair, hairstyle, cornrows, dreadlocks, black hair, When couples decide to live together, it becomes an urge to face problems instead of avoiding them. Take big notice of your partner’s language and the way he communicates with you. If his tone creates a sort of rage, make sure to talk it out. Not to mention, offer a sincere apology when you do your partner wrong and learn how to avoid it.

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Test Your Love Life

photograph, fun, sitting, summer, love, Cohabitation puts your love life on edge. Once you live together, situations are no longer the same as just dating. You’ll get used to living with each other and passion and satisfaction might go with the flow. If you’re able to protect your love bond, you’re moving toward the right direction.


Decide the Future

winter, snow, geological phenomenon, tree, freezing, The most important fact about cohabitation is its result or even its aftermath. Away from the result, living together before getting married will help you decide if you really have met your soul mate or not. With this, you’ll know if you’re compatible with each other and able to spend the rest of your life together.

What do you guys think? Can cohabitation decide the destiny of couples? Or are there alternative ways to learn about your partner other than cohabitation?

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Totally agree 👌👌 I agree that it is a way to reduce problems. For me marriage are just signed papers :(