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3 Rules of Love to Help You Find Your Soul Mate ...

By Reem

Do you want to know how to find your soulmate? A soulmate is the person who’ll match yourself and complete you. That person will cling to your soul and invites himself in without your notice. However, finding a true soulmate can be so rough and challenging. It might leave us skeptical about our love life. We might not know when is our time, nor if our time will come. What I am certain of, is that we all have soulmates, yet the question is where are they? How to find your soulmate is a process that takes time. I have gathered three rules that you should apply in order to find your true love.

1 Learn about Your Own Soul

A mate should match your soul. You can’t find a true mate unless you find your soul. The soul is you as a person. It is your personality, interests, habits and the things that you are passionate about. Learn about yourself and notice who reflects your soul because this is one of my top tips for finding a soulmate.

2 Let Go of Conditions

Don’t encourage your conditions to stop you from meeting your soulmate. Your soulmate doesn’t have to be tall, stylish or even have a six pack. Your man has to be pure, he has to authentic so that you can receive his credible love that he offers in return. Both of you should complete one another and have an unconditional love.


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3 Don’t Get Jealous and Give up

Don’t envy your friends if they find their soulmate before you do. This is so dangerous. By feeling jealous, you might run short of time and attract the wrong guy. Be patient because patience will get you what you deserve. Never give up, because your Prince Charming is looking for you too!

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