How to Deal when Your Exs Girlfriend is Stalking You ...

By Andrea

Wondering how to deal with your ex's new girlfriend who is stalking you? Got out of an unhealthy relationship? Well, congratulations to you! Now, unfortunately, you may be dealing with the wrath of an evil girlfriend. You don't have to put up with it, no matter how much you love your new man. Here's how to deal with your ex's new girlfriend who is stalking you.

Table of contents:

  1. direct contact
  2. contact a mutual friend
  3. contact a family member
  4. call the police
  5. restraining order
  6. seek religious refuge

1 Direct Contact

Contact her directly and tell you do not want any problems. Do this only if she initially tries to stir up drama with you. If she is a rational, mature individual she will be able to understand and let that relationship mend as it needs to. This is probably the best answer for how to deal with your ex's new girlfriend who is stalking you.

2 Contact a Mutual Friend

Find a mutual friend and notify them of the harassment even if she still does not stop harassing you in an annoying way and stirring up unnecessary drama between you and your ex. You may have to ask yourself, why is she going out of way to make your life miserable? She might be suffering from mental disorders or for the simple fact she is dealing with your abusive ex. You might need to reach out to a local mental hospital and find some help for both of them. Mental disorders are serious and should be taken seriously.

3 Contact a Family Member

If the problem persists, you may need to contact a family member and block her from the methods she's using to communicate to you. If she does not know about your life or anything personal about you, the better it will be for you.

4 Call the Police

Call the police and file a police report especially if she shows up to your place of work and personally requests to talk to you.
Anyone that goes out of her way to personally attack you at work wants trouble.

5 Restraining Order

File a restraining order if the harassment continues. You may be needing her personal address and birthday in order to get this filed.

6 Seek Religious Refuge

Seek the nearest religious shelter and ask the church for strength and guidance. Sometimes we think people are harassing us but actually, it is us who needs the self-reflection and inner peace. It is best to understand and identify the root of the problem and address the pain that it has caused. Spirituality and religion help you reflect, find peace and move toward a new peaceful journey.

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