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5 Ways to Deal when He Rejects You Because He Doesnt Want Anything Serious ...

By Brandie

Are you looking for some ways to deal when he rejects you because he's not looking for anything serious? When he doesn’t want anything serious right now, but then gets into a committed relationship with someone else?

We have all been subjected to this at one point or another in our lives. Whether it happened to you personally or to one of your still sucks. There is nothing worse than feeling like you aren’t good enough or are lacking in some way. Once these negative thoughts start to creep in it’s hard to keep them out. When that starts to happen please remember these ways to deal when he rejects you because he's not looking for anything serious.

Table of contents:

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you!
  2. You cannot control the actions of another person
  3. He liked you or he wouldn’t have been seeing you at all
  4. Did you even really like him or did you like the idea of him?
  5. You are like surf and turf, so why are you settling for a car fry?

1 There is Absolutely Nothing Wrong with You!

Stop thinking that right this instant! And stop comparing yourself to his new significant other. You are perfect in every way. You shouldn’t feel like a lesser woman just because he didn’t have his shit together. His issues are his alone. Don’t change yourself for anyone. If you do change something, do it for yourself. That's one of the best ways to deal when he rejects you because he's not looking for anything serious.

2 You Cannot Control the Actions of Another Person

No matter what his reason was as to why he didn’t want to commit, you can’t change or fix it. This is a hard one, because if you could only make him see how great you are or how attractive you are maybe he will change his mind. No matter what you do, he isn’t going to change. This will only hurt you more in the end. This isn’t your fault and nothing you did made him not want to commit to you.

3 He Liked You or He Wouldn’t Have Been Seeing You at All

Whether he was just using you for sex, or he genuinely liked your company, he just didn’t like you enough. It’s hard to see it now, but that’s okay. Even though it still hurts like you wouldn’t believe, maybe this is for the best. You deserve someone who will move mountains for you, not someone who won’t even move his schedule around for you.

4 Did You Even Really like Him or Did You like the Idea of Him?

As women, we like to fantasize about the future with every possible prospect. It’s hard not to! Especially when you reach a certain period in your life and want to settle down. We are all looking for our own Prince Charming. So sometimes we put too many eggs in the wrong basket because we want to be loved so badly. And he is so perfect in our long-term fantasy, that we miss all the red flags. Once the dust settles, we realize that maybe we should’ve listened to the ones dearest to our hearts - our best friends.

5 You Are like Surf and Turf, so Why Are You Settling for a Car Fry?

Let’s face it. Dating sucks and it feels like there are no good men left out there. This is the main reason we settle. But why should we have to settle? The answer is we shouldn’t! This is extremely hard, especially when all of your friends are in committed relationships and here comes wedding season. If he isn’t a gentleman and doesn’t treat you like a queen then good riddance. You deserve the world and then some. That doesn’t mean he has to have a lot of money to treat you like a queen. He could be an average joe or a high roller, but as long as he makes you a priority in his life, his partner, his better half or whatever you want to call it, don’t settle for less. We all have one life, so make it the best you can with the best people you can find. Love will find you when the timing is right.

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