Girl's Guide on How to Get over a Breakup in Two Weeks ...

By Leiann

Have you just broken up or are you hanging on to that ex like a bad habit? Are you wallowing in sorrow? Do you feel like the feeling will never go away? Loving a person, that much takes some major TLC to overcome the situation. You're in luck. I'm going to share with you how to get over a breakup in two weeks.

The following YouTube video demonstrates what you need to do to learn how to get over a breakup in two weeks.

Practical Psychology
Published on May 8, 2017

In review:

1 Think Positive

You will meet someone better!

2 Self-love

Now you can do what your ex did not like!

3 List Their Annoying Habits

Awful favorite restaurant, their weird friends, etc.

4 Laugh out loud.
Stop the stress hormones!

5 Eat and Sleep Right

Stop binging and over-drinking!

6 Exercise

Boost that mood and physique!

7 Listen to Music

Not reminders of sad times though!

8 Remove Painful Triggers

Place keepsakes out of sight.

9 Keep Yourself Occupied

Don't ruminate! Do something interesting! Overcome depression! Talk or vent to someone trustworthy.

10 Heartbreak is Short-lived

If beyond two weeks though, get professional help, especially if you have a lack of appetite or lack of sleep.

I do not wish a painful break-up on you, but do want you to be aware of what to do if need be. Follow one or all of these ten steps for a smooth breakup for a relationship you thought would last forever. The pain does not have to last forever, either.

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