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7 Amazing Ways to Find Love ...

By Alison

Ways To Find Love can seem a long way out of reach these days. It´s certainly easy to find someone to have no-strings fun with, but something deeper is not so easy to encounter. You may have tried lots of ways to find love, but none of them have worked. To help Cupid aim his arrows straight you have to be smart. So here are some amazing ways to find love and happiness.

1 Open up

When you want to find love, it´s a wise move to expand your horizons. Hanging around in bars is not likely to bring you anything more than a free drink (if you´re lucky) and lots of guys looking for a quick conquest. So try socialising in different places, taking up new interests and generally opening up your life to the chance to meet lots more people.

2 Toss out the Type

Do you only ever go for the same type of guy? Would you never think of dating a man who does a physical job, or earns less than a certain amount? Have all your boyfriends been similar in appearance or character? Forget about having a type, as there may be a great guy who isn´t what you´d normally look for.

3 Internet Options

These days, one of the ways to find love is via the internet. You don´t necessarily have to sign up to a dating site, although it is possible to meet some nice guys this way if you exercise some caution. Instead, you can meet people through forums catering for common interests, or use local websites to find out about activities where you can make new friends – and maybe more!

4 Be Happy, Be Positive

Let´s face it, who wants to date someone who is desperate or downhearted about their lack of success in the romantic field? Make your life enjoyable regardless, adopt a positive outlook towards life, and people will want to be around you.

5 You Deserve It

Self-confidence and self-belief are among the essential ways to find love. If deep down you don´t believe that you deserve to be loved, that belief will be made real. Have faith in yourself, know that you are worth a good relationship, and you are much more likely to find a good partner.

6 Fun and Friends First

Don´t concentrate too hard on looking for love. Many people will attest that their partner arrived in their life when they least expected it. In fact, one of the ways to find love is not to look for it! Have a full life as a single person; romance is a wonderful experience but being too keen to find someone can lead you to make mistakes, rather than find a relationship of quality.

7 Know What You Want

This doesn´t mean having a complete tick list of the attributes your future partner must have, as that will seriously restrict your options and means you may overlook a great guy. Instead, identify what is important to you on a more meaningful level, and what is absolutely non-negotiable. For example, could you date a guy with children? Would you be prepared to move to another city, or is staying near family a must?

All these ways to find love can be very successful. Affairs of the heart are a complicated matter, but since there are lots of people out there who are also looking for their other half, you just need to find someone to click with! Okay, so that´s easier said than done, but it´s far from impossible if you use smart ways to find love. Which ways to find love worked out for you?

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