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If You Desire a Strong Healthy Relationship Get Rid of Facebook ...

By Lisa

We’ve all witnessed the blossoming of a romantic relationship on Facebook. It usually starts out super sweet and progresses into borderline disgusting as your friend gushes on and on about her new partner and makes her new relationship Facebook official. Just as you think she found the one, you start seeing passive aggressive posts which seem to be directed at her partner. Then, her relationship status changes from “in a relationship with” to “it’s complicated,” and the bitching continues.

How many times have you observed a situation like that? It’s one thing to make your relationship “official” on Facebook and another to broadcast all the ups and downs to all of your 500+ friends and family. If you want a healthy relationship, Your Tango suggests keeping Facebook out of the picture. Public fights with your friends taking sides or trying to get a rise out of your partner with elusive posts is the opposite of healthy.

Even constantly reminding your friends and family about your partner every day is something we wouldn’t really do in real life, so why do we do it online? There’s nothing wrong with sharing your new relationship online, but be mindful of how much you share. Healthy couples can resolve issues without the opinions of others and don’t require an audience in order to express themselves. Keep the intimate details of your relationship private and you might find that instead of spending so much time on Facebook, you spend more time together.

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