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10 Ways You're Pushing Love Away ...

By Holly

If you're single, there could be a few reasons why. According to RedBook Mag, here are a few ways you might be pushing love away:

1 You Blame Yourself for Every Relationship Failure

You Blame Yourself for Every Relationship FailureIt's not your fault that your ex cheated on you or left you. You can't blame yourself every single time something goes wrong in your life. You're not always at fault.

2 You're Being a Negative Nancy

You're Being a Negative NancyNot all men are horrible creatures. If you assume that every boy you meet is going to disappoint you, then you're setting yourself up for failure.


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3 You Keep Doing the Same Thing and Expect Different Results

You Keep Doing the Same Thing and Expect Different ResultsIf you want to change your life, you need to change your routine. That's the only way that you'll get a different result, so be brave and take some chances.

4 You're Stuck on past Love

You're Stuck on past LoveIf your relationship is over, stop thinking about it. Daydreaming about your ex isn't going to do you any good. You need to move on before you can start a relationship with someone new (and better).

5 You Aren't Willing to Show Your Real Self

You Aren't Willing to Show Your Real SelfYou can't expect a man to like you if you won't tell him about your childhood, your hopes, or your dreams. You need to be open with him if you expect him to be open with you. Be yourself and everything will fall into place.

6 You're Subconsciously Killing Possible Connections

You're Subconsciously Killing Possible ConnectionsDon't look for flaws when dating. If you do, then you might create problems that aren't actually there. Try to give men a chance.

7 You Think You're Too Stressed or Ambitious for a Relationship

You Think You're Too Stressed or Ambitious for a RelationshipYou need to believe in your heart that you'd make a great girlfriend, because you would! Stop doubting yourself. You're never too busy for love!

8 You're Not Present

text, font, darkness, poster, advertising,Whether you're allowing yourself to be stuck in the past or allowing other distractions to get in the way, not being in the here and now is a major way you are pushing love away. Instead, try moving past the past or being distracted and allowing yourself to be here and now to connect with your love.

9 Pretending You're Fine

text, font, brand, like, pretend,In life we tend to tuck away pain out of fear of argument or upsetting our significant other or someone else. When that pain or frustration is hidden it's allowed to fester inside which ends up building a wall between you and love. Instead of allowing this to happen you need to face your issues head on.

10 Rejecting Compliments and Affirmations

Computer, human action, text, person, font,When someone compliments you do you appreciate it or do you discredit it and turn it down? If you're like me then you probably turn it down and negate it. Well this behavior is a great way to sabotage love because it makes the compliment-giver feel invalid which is probably one of the quickest ways to say bye to love.

Have you been pushing love away?

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