11 Interesting Reasons Why Some Say No to Marriage ...


11 Interesting Reasons Why Some Say No to Marriage ...
11 Interesting Reasons Why Some Say No to Marriage ...

Dedicating your life to someone is a beautiful experience, but there are legitimate reasons why some say no to marriage. Some people want a husband and kids so badly that they don’t understand how anyone could live life without them. People who claim they don’t want to get married are often told that they will ‘change their minds,’ but that isn’t always the case. There are reasons why some say no to marriage, despite the happiness it entails.

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Surrounded by Divorce

The divorce rate gets higher every year. If you’ve never seen a marriage stay together, then it can be hard to believe in everlasting love. No one wants to make the same mistakes as their parents or those around them, so they might reject the idea of monogamy completely. For some, staying single is just a way to avoid pain and paperwork. One of the reasons why some say no to marriage is so that they don’t have to deal with heartbreak in the future.


Career Comes First

It’s possible to juggle a family and a career, but some would rather focus on one thing. Different people have different priorities. Some prefer reading bedtime stories to children while others would rather be in the office. Some want to snuggle with their husbands while others would rather flirt harmlessly with their coworker. Everyone has their own source of fulfillment.


Scared of Commitment

Some people don’t want to be trapped in one relationship for the rest of their lives. It’s scary to know that you’re never going to go on another first date or have another first kiss. Even if they don’t want to be single, it doesn’t mean that they want to be tied to one person indefinitely. Knowing you have no other option can be terrifying. If you can’t move past the fright, then marriage is off limits.


Scared of Being a Bad Spouse

If you’re not good in the kitchen, bedroom, or office, then you might be nervous about committing to someone. You know that they can please you, but will you be able to continue pleasing them? Some people doubt their ability to comfort their partner physically, emotionally, or financially. If you love the person you’re with, you don’t want to ruin their life. Avoiding marriage can be a way to save someone else the trouble of dealing with you.


Bad past Experiences

If you’ve been cheated on in the past, it’ll be difficult to trust others. When you find the perfect guy, you’re skeptical. You thought you loved the last guy you were with, but the relationship ended. What makes the new guy any different? Some people assume that every relationship is going to repeat their last.


Loves Single Life

If you love one night stands or spending all of your time partying with friends, marriage might not be for you. Some people don’t want to dedicate themselves to a life of monogamy when there are so many hotties out there. Why settle for only one? If you want to keep playing the field, go for it. Just let your partners know where your mind is and where your body's been so that you don’t end up hurting them.


It’s Illegal

Some people don’t decide to say no to marriage—they’re forced to. If you’re a girl who wants to marry another girl, marriage is illegal in certain states. Despite the love you share, you won’t be able to get an official marriage certificate. Until the laws change, you’re forced to remain unmarried. If you want to be with someone of the opposite gender, you might decide to hold off until everyone has equal rights.



Some people believe that getting married is easier on the finances since there will be dual income. However, there are some that feel that a wedding, buying a house, having children and providing for a family is just too costly for them. This might not seem like a plausible reason to not get hitched, but for some, marriage is just too expensive for them!


Who Needs a Certificate?

Another common reason some say no to marriage is because they already feel like they're married minus the marriage certificate. Many couples live together, have children, share finances and responsibilities already and don't see the point in having a ceremony,


Freedom for All

Some people choose to pass on marriage because they want their freedom. Not just freedom to date who they want, but not having to be accountable to anyone and basically doing what they, when they want. Getting married usually means having to let go of your friends and all the things you associate with being single which is just not worth it for some. It might sound selfish, but some value their freedom above all else.


Don't Want to Get a Divorce

"50% of all marriages end in divorce." I've been hearing that statement for years now and while I question the veracity of that number, for some, marriage is too risky and divorce is just something some people don't want to tango with. They just don't want to the hassle of dividing up their finances, belongings, property and fighting for custody of their kids.

Even if you’ve dreamt of being a bride since you were a child, I hope you respect those who don’t share your opinion on marriage. Do you plan on getting married in the future? If not, why?

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I dont believe in the marry life.. Sounds cruel but I like live my bf and this is great for my :).. Thanks for this reasons!.. BTW, my parents they are married for 36 yrs.

A lot of these are excuses/personal problems...

I don't want to get married because I know how men are. Men are pigs. They are disgusting. Men only care about sex and they always look at and treat women like we are meat. I have been told by men that I am better off dead all because I refused to sleep with them. Then they were so pissed at me for telling them no that they decided to spread rumors around saying that I did sleep with them anyway and even went as far as to make porn. Why would I ever want to be involved with men??? They are disgusting creatures. Men are animals and bastards. I HATE all men. They are evil fucks.

no love and no marriage for me as off now but what to do about parents and family going mad day by day i dont know whats fun in getting married just full of stupidity

well, like any other girls, i would love to get marry someday...and i admire those who doesnt believe in marriages, but for me, it isnt just a piece of paper, its a security. if the person is committed to one girl then i guess marriage is not a problem, but when he cant be contented to one girl then not getting married is not an option. either that or live in a very miserable way.

My reason is that i don't believe in god. Why would I need a celebrant to accept our relationship "in the eyes of god"? To me we have been married for 15 years because we want to be. Not because we are tied to it by a contract.

'love one night stands' really, are there actually women out there who favour this over a loving committed relationship?? This article seems to encourage women to stay single, not to marry and to sleep around instead..not good advice!

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